1. Now who says ethnic Albanians and non serbs cannot win justice in Serbia. Eat your heart out anti serb folks
    (Jevic, 30 July 2008 10:42)
  2. Congratulations Serbia for proving justice exists for all citizens of Serbia!

    The other countries in the region could learn a lot from this type of Justice.


    Justice cuts both ways. There are plenty of Serbian victims of ethnic violence as well.

    I’d just like to point out, the current estimate of those killed in Kosovo is 10,000 and out of that a few thousand or so are Serbian victims.

    I would appreciate it if the Albanians here would stop claiming our victims as their own. Its an insult to justice.
    (Matthew, 29 July 2008 17:03)
  3. Daniel, CoscoVo

    As this case indicates, justice is not always swift, but it does prevail in the end.

    I believe the same will happen for any Serbs who suffered unjustly in Kosovo in the past few years.

    It may take some time though. The institutions in Kosovo are being started from scratch and the courts are currently a mess.

    Here, Serbia may have a positive role to play by not pursuing policies in Kosovo designed to antagonize relationships between Serbs and Albanians. An "us vs. them" mindset makes it that much more difficult to pursue criminals that terrorize the "other" side.
    (Ment, 29 July 2008 16:30)
  4. What a joke this article is. Especially the part when it says that police have a duty to protect all Serb citizens regardless of their nationality. IT WAS THE VERY SAME POLICE AT THE VERY SAME TIME COMMITING MASS MURDER IN KOSOVA.
    By that logic all 12,000 victims ought to be paid much higher rewards, since this was a crime perpetrated by the so called "protectors"
    Ah the irony of Serb justice..
    (tonyc, 29 July 2008 15:19)
  5. I applaud Serbia for this action and verdict. It is accepting responsibility for the horrible actions of some of its citizens. Can Pristina authorities ever do the same with its Albanian citizens against Serbs in Kosovo?
    (CoscoVo, 29 July 2008 14:56)
  6. You should look at the message from this report. Serbia is willing to provide justice for crimes against Albanians, but you NEVER see Albanians in Kosovo providing justice for Serb victims. Serbia is doing all it can to move away from the Milosevic past, yet others are not. Why don't Albanians in Kosovo start investigating Del Ponte's claims of organ trafficking for instance? Albanians aren't gods and they too should face punishment for their crimes against humanity. If Kosovo Albanians ever expect to be accepted by the entire international community, they must start to respect the rights of others, including the rights of Serbs to have freedom of choice in Kosovo. If Serbs don't want to live under Albanians, they don't have to. Take this court ruling as an example for what Kosovo could one day be, a place where all people are punished for violence against humanity, whether the perps are Albanian, Roma, or Serb.
    (Daniel, 29 July 2008 13:34)
  7. This is a clear case of the brutality the serbs showed towards Albanians, and now you want Kosovo back think about it there are 12,000 case like this where undefended innocent people were butchered for absolutely no reason.

    (Nehat, 29 July 2008 12:55)