1. Nice try, Albanians of B92, you are trying too hard to convince Serbian side of your so-called independence that you started to sound like you need to work as hard enough to convince yourself of it. I turn to Aldous Huxley for comfort: "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."

    For instance if consider the plan under which Kosovo’s “independence” came about we can see clearly it is also a total colonial structure. It is similar to the absolute power held by L. Paul Bremer in the first two years of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

    The documents setting out the new government for Kosovo are available at unosek.org/unosek/en/statusproposal.html. A summary is available on the U.S. State Department’s Web site at state.gov/p/eur/rls/fs/100058.htm

    An International Civilian Representative (ICR) will be appointed by U.S. and E.U. officials to oversee Kosovo. This appointed official can overrule any measures, annul any laws and remove anyone from office in Kosovo. The ICR will have full and final control over the departments of Customs, Taxation, Treasury and Banking.

    The E.U. will establish a European Security and Defense Policy Mission (ESDP) and NATO will establish an International Military Presence. Both these appointed bodies will have control over foreign policy, security, police, judiciary, all courts and prisons. They are guaranteed immediate and complete access to any activity, proceeding or document in Kosovo.

    These bodies and the ICR will have final say over what crimes can be prosecuted and against whom; they can reverse or annul any decision made. The largest prison in Kosovo is at the U.S. base, Camp Bondsteel, where prisoners are held without charges, judicial overview or representation.

    The recognition of Kosovo’s “independence” is just the latest step in a U.S. war of reconquest that has been relentlessly pursued for decades.

    there is no plan to permit Kosovo's Albanians to run their own affairs. First of all, as in Bosnia, ultimate power will reside with an internationally-appointed bureaucrat. This position of colonial viceroy known as the International Civilian Representative (ICR), will be held by one of the West's innumerable, interchangeable has-been politicians moving from one sinecure to another. The ICR will, for example, have the authority to "[t]ake corrective measures to remedy, as necessary, any actions taken by the Kosovo authorities that the ICR deems to be a breach of this Settlement." Such corrective measures would include "annulment of laws or decisions adopted by Kosovo authorities," "sanction or remov[al] from office [of] any public official or take other measures, as necessary, to ensure full respect for this Settlement and its implementation," final say over the appointment of the "Director-General of the Customs Service, the Director of Tax Administration, the Director of the Treasury, and the Managing Director of the Central Banking Authority of Kosovo." There's democracy for you.

    In addition, the European Union is to establish a European Security and Defense Policy (ESDP) Mission. This mission "shall assist Kosovo authorities in their progress towards sustainability and accountability and in further developing and strengthening an independent judiciary, police and customs service, ensuring that these institutions are free from political interferenceand shall provide mentoring, monitoring and advice in the area of the rule of law generally, while retaining certain powers, in particular, with respect to the judiciary, police, customs and correctional services."

    The ESDP mission will have "[a]uthority to ensure that cases of war crimes, terrorism, organised crime, corruption, inter-ethnic crimes, financial/economic crimes, and other serious crimes are properly investigated according to the law, including, where appropriate, by international investigators acting with Kosovo authorities or independently." The mission will have the authority to ensure crimes are "properly prosecuted including, where appropriate, by international prosecutors acting jointly with Kosovo prosecutors or independently. Case selection for international prosecutors shall be based upon objective criteria and procedural safeguards, as determined by the Head of the ESDP Mission." The mission will have the "authority to reverse or annul operational decisions taken by the competent Kosovo authorities, as necessary, to ensure the maintenance and promotion of the rule of law, public order and security." The mission will have "[a]uthority to monitor, mentor and advise on all areas related to the rule of law. The Kosovo authorities shall facilitate such efforts and grant immediate and complete access to any site, person, activity, proceeding, document, or other item or event in Kosovo."

    There is also to be an International Military Presence (IMP) established by NATO; it is to "operate under the authority, and be subject to the direction and political control of the North Atlantic Council through the NATO chain of command. NATO's military presence in Kosovo does not preclude a possible future follow-on military mission by another international security organization, subject to a revised mandate." Furthermore, the IMP is to "have overall responsibility for the development and training of the Kosovo Security Force, and NATO shall have overall responsibility for the development and establishment of a civilian-led organization of the Government to exercise civilian control over this Force, without prejudice to the responsibilities of the ICR." The IMP will be "responsible for: Assisting and advising with respect to the process of integration in Euro-Atlantic structures" and advising on "the involvement of elements from the security force in internationally mandated missions."

    So, Kosovo will have no say on taxation, on foreign and security policy, on customs, on law enforcement. The only thing independent about "independent" Kosovo is that it will be independent of Serbia. In fact, there is not the slightest pretense that duly elected Kosovo authorities will have any say about anything other than perhaps refuse collection, though, doubtless even here, the authorities will have to follow E.U. guidelines or pay a penalty.
    (Adams, 2 May 2008 21:41)
  2. Kosovo is, sadly, just a sideshow, and will be a soi-disant nation only until the thieves in Brussels either cut a better deal or decide to cut their losses. This farce will last no longer than the end of the current American Presidency.
    (David MacGuire, 2 May 2008 02:59)
  3. "johny

    Serbia signed the SAA, Kosovo isn't even recognized by the EU. What does that tell you about the West being on Kosovo's "side" (just because some countries recognized Kosovo, does not mean they are against Serbia, seeing as though they want them in the EU, so what are you saying)?
    (Peter Sudyka, 30 April 2008 20:20) "

    Our biased poster Peter Sudyka. Where in my post did I say they were against Serbia? I simply stated the fact that they supported us; and by the way its 18 of them that recognized us ( the most powerful ones. I can list them here if you want). In fact these same countries can recognize our independence (be on our side) and want Serbia in the EU. The only people that see a conflict in this are the Serbs and Serb supporters like yourself. Having said that, one cannot deny the reality. That is EU wants closer ties with Serbia (hence the SAA) but Serbia with the exception of one party, keeps refusing them and has oriented itself towards Russia. As it stands today we are oriented towards the West and have their support, while Serbia is oriented towards Russia(Kosova Serbs receive their expired food).
    When the prime minister declares holy war on the US, and NATO ( majority of powerful EU countries are members of NATO), when it calls EU officials all kinds of names on a daily basis, then one cannot ignore that Serbia even though it is being offered a good relationship by the West, it does not have one now. I hope I made myself clear this time.
    (johny, 1 May 2008 18:33)
  4. well my dear Gjoni,

    I think your "west" isn´t quite a reliable partner at all...just ask the Iraqi´s or Irani´s about their experience with "the west"...

    just rely on them, if you like to... I am fine with that! :)

    but, let me remind you 160 states worldwide do not see you as a state...they see you as what you actually are: an illegal puppet-entity...completely dependent on foreign military and financial help.

    and that´s what counts my dear friend.

    it´s only a question of time...

    and we will welcome you home.
    (Jovan, 1 May 2008 18:19)
  5. This ia too much even from Greek friends. To have a compromize how to lose Kosovo? Can they have compromize with "Makedonians" on a name? Can we compare name issue with a Kosovo?
    (gordon, 1 May 2008 07:41)
  6. If the Macedonians have put Swaztika on Greek flag ... what do you think the Albanians think of them?

    Greece, be quiet!!!
    (KS, 1 May 2008 07:23)
  7. Thank you Greece!
    (Stevan, 1 May 2008 05:11)
  8. To the reasonably B92 members: a LOT of horrible things have happened in Kosova. A LOT. Let's just leave with that, despite the fact that many people in Serbia do not care because it happened to Albanians. And they happened only 9 years ago. Kosova is now 92% Albanian and 5% Serbian. Kosova was last your "center" some 700 years ago and you have not been more than 10% in 100 or so years, despite bringing in many settlers. Let it go. If you think that Albanians will ever accept Serbian rule in any shape, you are delusional. We already feel robbed from 1912.
    (Albo, 1 May 2008 02:58)
  9. Position of Greece?

    Still thinking...))) Let me say it again to you. We Albanians know very well what really Greece stands for and we also do know that we have to continue to behave smart with Greece, Romania and Cyprus. I have said in the past that Kosova's recognition identified clearly the relevance and irrevance of each EU country according to the time of recognition.
    (EA, 30 April 2008 20:31)
  10. johny

    Serbia signed the SAA, Kosovo isn't even recognized by the EU. What does that tell you about the West being on Kosovo's "side" (just because some countries recognized Kosovo, does not mean they are against Serbia, seeing as though they want them in the EU, so what are you saying)?
    (Peter Sudyka, 30 April 2008 20:20)
  11. The most likely compromise in the near future is a recognition that NKosovo is (de facto) not part of the UDI.
    (Bob, 30 April 2008 20:10)
  12. How about you compromise with Macedonia before you preach that for others.

    Jovan, we have the west on our side. You have Russia. As far as we concerned there's no reason for us to be under Serbia sovereignty over what we have. On the other side there's lots of reasons Serbia needs to come and compromise if it wants the Serbs in Kosova to live happier and have a voice.
    (johny, 30 April 2008 19:02)
  13. The Greek prime minister met in Moscow on Tuesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who said after talks that the positions of the two countries on the situation in the Balkans and Kosovo were very similar.

    “We advocate strict adherence to the principles and provisions of international law, the observance of international interests and resolution of all issues through negotiations,” Putin underlined.

    Similar statements have been made many times before on the issue of Kosovo.It's clear that Greece won't agree
    to the recognition of Kosovo unless there is a negotiated
    settlement with Serbia that will take into consideration the status of the Serb enclaves and all other o/s
    (Leonidas, 30 April 2008 18:26)
  14. Compromise over somthing that is allready solved ?? That seem's stupid to me.

    The people in Kosovo is mostly albanians and Serbia has no contact with them. Albanians on the other hand have build their own state with own instututions and everything that comes with it. The train has allready gone for Serbia to keep Kosovo. Kosovo will never and can never be Serbian territory because Kosovo is de-facto a real state.
    (Lucas, 30 April 2008 18:04)
  15. finally there will be a compromise-solution...but it needs much more time to get into the consciousness of our dear friends...

    let´s just see what future brings...
    (Jovan, 30 April 2008 16:10)