1. DS I hope the Serbian electorate knows all your dirty tricks and their days are counted.
    (rain, 30 April 2008 21:48)
  2. “Of course, he hasn’t said what his goal or idea is. The Democratic Party of Serbia-New Serbia (DSS-NS) coalition won’t say in their campaign what they are offering Serbia, they just interpret certain statements and make accusations,” said the defense minister.

    Mr. Sutanovac, you are an expert (?) in mechanical engineering but Mr. Kostunica is a professor of International Law. He very clearly explained his goal and idea, HE WANTS KEEP SERBIA INTEGRITY and want that SERBIA us a whole, with hers southern province join EU.

    Interpretation of certain statements is very important in politics. The leader in such interpretation is EU/US if you take into consideration their twisting of Resolution 1244.
    (Zbyszek, 30 April 2008 16:49)
  3. DSS-NS have always been clear that they want a EU future but not at the price of Serbia's sovereignity. DS on the other hand have now openly stated for the record what everyone suspected but hoped was not the case they are willing to pay the price of total humiliation and partition of the Serbian heart - Kosovo & metohija (what else next can be a condition) for their EU admission of a Lesser Serbia.

    All this talk of a SAA neutral on Kosovo highlights teh duplicitousness given that SAA in all instances should be reaffirnming and streghtening Sovereignity - neutral is a weaking of Serbia's soverighn right - it says its up for grabs and not rightfully Serbia's - how a President of a State can stand and take this really is shocking!

    The electorate need to make their view as loud and difinitive as they can - Serbia as a whole in the EU or not at all!
    (Princip, UK, 30 April 2008 15:46)