1. Thats what happens when the defense minister belongs to a political party. I have said it for years not that such positions must not be filled with political goons, it only stirs trouble.

    Šutanovac can either keep his mouth shut and do his job solely! Or relinquish his position for so he can bark up political storms, its either the one or the other.

    John Bosnitch - DSS owes no one anything and they certainly wont be any minority party.
    (***, 31 March 2008 22:00)
  2. Šutanovac does not need to send his resume to NATO to get a job. He already sent them his resume and they already gave him his current job as the pseudo "defense" minister of the planned U.S. colony of Serbia.

    These DS traitors need to go. And the DSS also needs to suffer for having made a coalition with them. It is simply not credible for the DSS to have worked so closely with the DS for all these years and to now suddenly call them traitors. There is only one clear alternative to slavery in this election. That is the Radical Party.

    DS, goodbye forever. DSS, it's time for you to take a back seat as minor partners in a Radical administration.

    Enough smoke and mirrors, we need a strong wind to blow all traces of the the spider's web out of the Serbian government.

    The Serbian people deserve honesty and an end to public charades that have only served to hide back-room collusion.


    John Bosnitch
    (John Bosnitch, 31 March 2008 20:58)
  3. For the first time since the campaign began, I disagree with the DSS on this point.
    In no way is Sutanovac like a Marine.

    It is insulting to Marines, or other soldiers to be compared to Sutanovac. Nato Marines, and other soldiers love their countries and would glady die for them. Regardless of self sacrifice, they try to fulfill orders to the best of their ability.

    Sutanovic has none of these attributes.
    (Marko, 31 March 2008 19:45)
  4. "This is the first defense minister in Serbia's history who is falsely accusing, on behalf of a foreign military power – NATO – his own government. Such conduct leads to the conclusion that Šutanovac is more of a NATO marine than Serbia's defense minister," Ristivojević concluded.

    Perfectly said. Perhaps Sutanovac should send his resume to NATO headquarters for a job.
    (Dragan, 31 March 2008 19:26)
  5. Sutanovac is a NATO guy. Every one knows what Serb public thinks about NATO. Hopefully, after new elections he will loose all political influence.
    (Stevan, 31 March 2008 19:21)
  6. Šutanovac aimed to send Serb troops to Afghanistan and Iraq so that they could die instead of U.S. soldiers, Ristivojević continue.

    If this was true then I must say that Sutanovac is very hypocritical person. He and Tadic were very loud and clear saying that Serbia will not use military actions in Kosovo because that would lead us no where, and that we don’t want any lives lost. All right, I agree, but then the very same Sutanovac et al are ready to send Serbian soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq to die for American interests.

    Why in the Earth would our lovely and precious soldiers go in Iraq and Afghanistan to defend USA and the EU while our EU/USA “friends” are crippling our country? And finally it is the question of morality. How moral is to back up USA/EU policy towards Iraq and Afghanistan?
    How moral it is to defend someone else’s interests thousands miles away while part of your own country is occupied and usurped by foreign soldiers and national minority that foster the hatred and yet our defence minister is not ready to military defend our country.

    In addition, our Army General Zdravko Ponos stated few days ago that USA support of Kosovo in the terms of sending weapons does not represent the threat for Serbia and I wonder what then represent the threat if not heavily armed national minority within your country. Each piece of weapon delivered to someone who fosters nothing but the hatred for us Serbs is the real threat for us and stability in general.
    (bmrusila, 31 March 2008 18:55)
  7. There is some heat going on!!!
    (EU_best_choice, 31 March 2008 17:50)