1. In my view, 1244 has been abused by the international community, and so it should be established that it is within Serbia's rights to seek to police independently.

    1244 should not be seen as a licence for other countries to do what they want in contravention with its terms while at the same time using it to restrict Serbia's actions.

    In terms of 1244, Kosovo is part of the territory of Serbia - countries not maintaining this should be asked to leave the UNMIK force.
    (Bob, 1 April 2008 11:45)
  2. "MUP is in Kosovo"
    Why shouldn't they be?
    Isn't Kosovo a province of Serbia?

    To Ben,
    "It’s our Serbian friends who have caused more trouble, while the Albanians have behaved respectably"

    Ben, I've read more than once this paragraph:
    "there are Bosniaks and ethnic Albanians living in northern Mitrovica, but no Serbs in southern - Albanian-controlled - Mitrovica".
    How do you explain this?
    Why do some Albanians still live in the Serb-controlled area of this city - with those 'brutal thugs', but NO Serbs are to be found on the Albanian side, allegedly inhabited by model peace-loving and law-abiding ethnic Albanian citizens?
    (Alien, 1 April 2008 11:34)
  3. make up your minds, friends :) are we or arent we there
    (smile, 31 March 2008 22:50)
  4. There hard facts that MUP was in the courthouse with the "kosovo minister" and some ex KPS policemen.

    How is Belgrade going to deny the fact that the MUP and ex KPS were heard on radio channels talking about planning this event? How are you going to deny the Moltov Cocktail which originate to Belgrade because it's old as Yugoslavia and the only armor that still carries them is Belgrade.
    (KS, 31 March 2008 17:34)
  5. Ben,

    I am not sure that I understood this destroyed=Rusila? Please share your knowledge on this with me?
    (bmrusila, 31 March 2008 17:09)
  6. Remeber, it is not what you see and what you said, it is what UNMIK sees and what UNMIK says. Very simple, indeed!
    (bmrusila, 31 March 2008 13:18)

    Well said bm-rusila!!!

    To refresh your memory UNMIK: [link]

    And see today Stutanovic: [link]

    And the confirmation from the international community: “For now, we must say that the Kosovo government is behaving reasonably, I must admit that. It’s our Serbian friends who have caused more trouble, while the Albanians have behaved respectably,” Schwarzenberg, Czech FM.

    The evidence is in front of your eyes- you only have to look at them- of course rationaly.

    P.S. what a hell you have destroyed= rusila?
    (ben, 31 March 2008 13:50)
  7. Kosovo has been illegally recognised only by individual nations and has no legal status as an independent nation.

    Now the US are talking about bring even more arms into the province (wouldn't food and aid be more useful??), which is still legally part of Serbia, and there is talk of a new security force being formed.

    The handover to EULEX looks highly unlikely, and the dangers of violence breaking out are high, while the rights of Serbian communities within their own nation have been denigrated to the point where even medical supplies are stopped.

    With all of that in mind, who could possibly be surprised if there are hidden safeguards in place to protect Serbian people at threat within their own country?!

    Everyone knows that the main factor of Resolution 1244, and the reason why it was accepted in the first place in 1999, was that the province legally remains part of Serbia.

    No matter what takes place with this charade of independence, it is based on illegality. As someone has said before, the whole thing is 'built on sand' and at some point the tide will turn.
    (Kate, 31 March 2008 13:24)
  8. So what, as long as UNMIK says there is no evidence of MUP presence then KPS can just be silent. Albanians should be aware that they agreed with Europe that it will never be like Albanians say but how Europe says and if UNMIK says there is no MUP then there is no.

    Perhaps UNMIK really wants to turn blind eye and allow functional division any way, at least when it comes to protection. In other words, dear Albanians you will just be someone who obey the EU’s rules but have no say on matter. You can claim one thing while UNMIK claim another and there is nothing you can do about it and in these kinds of moments you can see how powerful your voice is and how independent you really are.

    Remeber, it is not what you see and what you said, it is what UNMIK sees and what UNMIK says. Very simple, indeed!
    (bmrusila, 31 March 2008 13:18)
  9. Once again the greatly independent Koha Ditore...

    Are they starting again and anti campaign? This time against UNMIK?
    (Ana, 31 March 2008 12:55)