1. The article says Candidate member not actual EU member KS.
    (***, 1 April 2008 04:41)
  2. KS,

    "Prosperous" and "democratic" countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Venezuela


    Some of these countries are known to "sell" passports. Being on the "white list" does not mean,
    El Salvador or Venezuela is in the E.U. And of course, "certain" people from all of the world do have
    such bought passports. What is here about is not Serbian E.U. membership which is certainly won't happen
    soon, but merely abolishing the visas.

    Saying "we do not want Serbs (inc. Kosovars), Albanians, Ukrainians, Russians etc travel visa-free
    to Schengen area because there is a horrible mafia out there and so on and so on" does not make any sense
    because precisely the mafiosi - if they exist - precisely they are the ones who DO have a Nicaraguan/Salvadorian/etc. passport or even more.

    This visa problem is artificial and is all rubbish. Saying "these countries /see Albania, Russia, etc./ are not democratic" is equally a rubbish. Citizens of Venezuela do not need visa. And we have a special friend of democracy in Venezuela


    That means: the entire visa regime is administered by idiots who earn (OUR) money for lousy work.
    The more loud are the complains and demands to abolish this nonsense - the better.
    Any step towards flushing that piece of sh(ame) /= visa regime/ down the toilet is welcome.
    (Ataman, 1 April 2008 03:52)
  3. Hello KS,

    Please read the article properly next time.

    The minister from the DS ranks added that he expects Greece will "help Serbia to become a EU member candidate by the end of the year".

    You said :

    He says Serbia in EU by the end of the year. Does anyone take him seriously?
    (KS, 31 March 2008 22:42)
    (Nick, 1 April 2008 03:41)
  4. Pyrros,

    “… a lot of regions in Greece … Serbs … tourist…”

    Greece is beautiful. I spend most of the time on islands, Ios in particular, found memories from years ago and few Greek friends …
    (Stevan, 1 April 2008 01:57)
  5. He says Serbia in EU by the end of the year. Does anyone take him seriously?
    (KS, 31 March 2008 22:42)
  6. The ones that have the money to travel to Greece or anywhere else, have the money to pay for the visa Mr. Djelic...

    That is not the point, Mr. Djelic...

    Try something else...
    (Ana, 31 March 2008 15:14)
  7. When a Serb or Russian leader refer to "international law" they exactely means Serbian interest. You will never get it wrong if you read in that way)))
    (EA, 31 March 2008 13:43)
  8. and maybe Greece will go out from Schengen..
    The news that Ukraine has asked free visas for their citizen close to the border of Poland has already make some Eu member getting angry..no
    CHANCES for me -...
    (Luigi, 31 March 2008 13:38)
  9. During June, July a lot of regions in Greece that base their economy on Tourism, rely mainly on Serbs for the tourist activity. Halkidiki during these months is full of Serbs but a few Skopians, Bulgars and romanians as well.
    Needless to say, i'd rather take my vacations there, instead of the British-controlled islands where someone has to bear a gun in order to survive.
    (Pyrros, 31 March 2008 12:54)