1. Dimitar,
    I wish you could read what you write.
    The veto is already on table. There is no such thing as "down the track". What do you expect us to do? Let you in as FYROM and then what? That is the point of veto. Agreement before entry, or no invitation for entry. Its simple. I really dont understand the reasons of your post on why we will not veto.
    Besides, according to your post: "the SDS and Albanian block are for the name change!"
    So this means that even your own citizens do not back up your plans, or am i wrong?

    As for Ukraine and rest issues of nato.
    Ukraine people themselves dont want nato, I dont think ukrainian leaders will risk next elections. Georgia is a different issue though. Russia's going to play on it, since they cant afford missiles in their backyard.
    (Nikitas, 30 March 2008 21:06)
  2. To Dimitar

    The veto was tabled by Greece
    on the 6th March during the meeting of NATO foreign ministers.We can afford to le you off the hook because the ball is at your court.You want to join the clubs and not Greece.AS to your diaspora feelings iam not going to loose sleep over
    (Leonidas, 30 March 2008 20:26)
  3. @Adrian:
    I have the same feeling..Anyway there will be problems..maybe they will save the meeting with a kind of fake invitation to an other meeting..certainly in Italy everybody thinks Ukraine in Nato is a non sense...
    for the case of Eu self-defense army i have a secret for you...(the usual Pulcinella's) IN Italy the real defense budget is increasing..just a little bit and the numbers are not in the defense budget but it's in industry budget..because people must still think that we are spending only 1% of GDP..
    So something slowly slowly..is changeing !
    (luigi, 30 March 2008 19:25)
  4. Greece will not veto Macedonia, Bakojannis has said the "talks will continue beyond Bucharest". They will try to tie Macedonia into a "conditional entry", ie; you change the name down the track! or will see to it that we don't
    get the invitation!

    Their will be no veto because they cannot afford to let Macedonia off the hook or "name talks". VMRO-DPMNE have announced, or so it's been reported, that they are not buying into the "Rep. of Macedonia ( Skopje ) rubbish, and behind them are the Macedonian people and the diaspora worldwide, whereas in Macedonia the SDS and Albanian block are for the name change!

    Looks like Greece's historic battle to deny the ethnic Macedonian people their name, ethnicity, history, culture, language, minority rights, etc etc will continue...tsk tsk.....no surprises there!
    (Dimitar, 30 March 2008 17:13)
  5. My guess is that nobody kindda wants Georgia and Ukraine in, except the US for obvious reasons (France, germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, belgium are for sure against). Of course mainly the countries from the region support the idea just to serve the ball to the US that says everything will be debated in Bucharest, but probably also for them this is only barganing material against Russia. For the other three, they will go in, including Macedonia/upper/new or whatever.
    Not even the people in Ukraine support the idea of joining Nato and if the pro-russian party wins the elections and says Ukraine wants out, then what? who's the bozo then?
    @luigi question 2. my feeling is that France will try to put in practice the EU military force that Sarkozy is selling around and then just leave NATO as some sort of unofficial armed hand of UN and as a marketing agent for the american military industry.
    (adrian/bucharest, 30 March 2008 17:07)
  6. Ok but the real problems in my opinion are:
    1)At Bucharest summit who will vote yes to Ukraine e Georgia ?...
    2) NATO will survive in the next 3-5 years with so many new members?
    Maybe Nato will fall in many pieces before Eu...
    (Luigi, 30 March 2008 16:00)