Greek ambassador: We see Serbia in EU

Greek Ambassador to Serbia Christos Panagopoulos spoke to B92 about the current Kosovo status crisis, Serbia's future in the EU, and the regional stability in the wake of Kosovo's unilateral secession.

Guest: Christos Panagopoulos, Journalist: Ljubica Gojgić Source:
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  1. Hopping a border and then working illegally without paying any taxes (i.e. the taxpayer picks up the tab), doesn't make anyone a citizen. It makes them either illegal immigrants (in which case they need to qualify for entry through the proper channels) or they are political/economic refugees. That is what the ambassador is saying.

    If your hatred won't let you see that, then it's your problem.

    And as for those crying crocodile tears for the chams, remember that they killed thousands of Greeks during WW2 and also that there are Greeks on the Albanian side of the border who are subject to similar and worse treatment.
    (Ypnos, 7 April 2008 17:44)
  2. Europe has commited a great injustice by going along with the US initiative to instigate trouble by use of - who else? - the albanians. America wants a Europe full of problems. America wants a weak Europe. It does not matter for America whether the land of Democracy or Yugoslavia has suffered fighting against the Nazis or whether turks or albanians where on the wrong side or simply hiding in the basements of shame during the big wars. America now wants to push the skopians into Nato so that it becomes safe. But safe, skopia will nbever be. We believe Skopia has no future.
    (Anastasios, 30 March 2008 14:48)
  3. Greece is the biggest destabilizing factor in the whole region, has problems with ALL its neighbours and on top of that gives also lectures!
    The obly lessons these people are capable of giving is of hypocrisy, intolerance and hate speech.
    They don't recognize minorities, they want MACEDONIA to change its name because they don't want to admit they have a big Macedonian minority inside Greece!NBut EU is also to blame, cause they tolerate all this.
    Shame on you, Panagopoulos and all your fellow Greeks!Grow up and accept reality at last!
    (jp, 20 March 2008 09:04)
  4. Three years ago " The Washington Post" published a map with Albanian minorities in Ballkans. It complitely included Chameria. The Greeks went down there to protest, but the answer they got was clean: It is there. You know that, we know that. Although the ambasador appeared calm because there is not an immediate threat, in the next decade or so but eventually it will be a problem for them. The greek propoganda will not hold anymore since there is an advancment in D.N.A technology which clearly distinguish Albanians from Greeks. Some cham collaborators with Greek regime will have to keep their greakness by choice not by blood, so that will seperate them. I see chameria in the next 25 yrs in the territory they belong: Albania.
    (gjon kari, 14 March 2008 16:39)
  5. Jim, I don't understand what you are trying to say.
    You are a Macedonian (with a Greek last name) who lives in Greece and speaks Macedonian an extinct language!?
    If I said that in Greece people that speak other languages are not considered minorities, for sure I did not ment to disrespect you.
    We Albanians (especially in Albania) are very positive people. Cheers and good luck!
    (Geni, 14 March 2008 02:09)
  6. Geni, in Greek occupied Macedonia we speak Macedonian
    you have no respect for others
    no wonder all you get is negative Albanian comments.
    You are good as you are good to others.
    (jim Zafiropulos, 13 March 2008 05:47)
  7. Stevan, I do have an idea why "democratic" Greece refuses to even acknowledge reality,that shows how tolerant their country really is.
    Anoher Canadian Serb states Albanians shouldn't be allowed into their borders.Well for your information the indigenous Albanian Chams were present before Greek independence and her current borders.Just because you take control of a building doesn't give you a right to throw out the long time residents.
    (azir, 8 March 2008 17:33)
  8. I hope the rest of the European Nations " THAT HAVE NOT RECOGNIZED" KOSOVO'S UDI will take heed and not allow any Albanians to enter their borders. As for the one that have recognized Kosovo's UDI.
    I hope you get a taste of your own medicine.
    (Another Canadian Serb, 5 March 2008 20:02)
  9. "….Why are the Greeks so afraid of our historical presence?

    You have no idea why? Might have something to do with a Kosovo i Metohija maybe?

    "…ethnic cleansing of the Chams by their infamous General after WW2…"

    How did Chams behave during WWII?
    (Stevan, 5 March 2008 17:32)
  10. Greek Ambassador just told a lie.How does he expect to have permanet peace if his country refuses to even acknowledge the indigenous Albanian inhabitants in ancient ancestral Chameria lands?The Greek's problem is in their denying the massacres and ethnic cleansing of the Chams by their infamous General after WW2.They think that by "not having minorities" they're exempt from granting obligated rights.I don't believe there's any country in this world that doesn't have minorities.Why are the Greeks so afraid of our historical presence?Is ignorance going to benefit them? Do they really think it will be forgotten or forgiven?
    (azir, 5 March 2008 13:41)
  11. As soon as Albanians live in ew country they entitled, once they got majority, to create new country for their self. It happen in Kosova and now can happin in Greeks, Makedonia and Monteneggro. WE WILL DIFEAT THEM WITH US AND EU HELP !!
    (Ahmet, 5 March 2008 12:28)
  12. A lot of mistreated, abused, oppressed and persecuted Albanians left Albania Proper and merged into Kosovo, macedonia and Greece through the genorosity of these neighbouring countries and they are "refugees" - they cannot suddenly become "citizens".
    If you allow these people to become citizens in the legal sense then you consent to an abuse of international law and you condone territorial acquisition - there is no other logicl or legal way you can deal with it.
    (Pintara, 5 March 2008 12:25)
  13. This explains why Serbia has a problem. They don't have great leaders like Greece. Greece will never allow any part of their country to be stolen away. If the Serbs were in the EU Kosovo would never have been in this situation today.
    (Milan, 5 March 2008 05:34)
  14. Let me remind the ambassador that there is an Albanian minority in Greece called "Cam" and the region called Cameria. No one believes that Greece is the only country with no mimorities in its territory. That is an absurdity. It is sad that a country lucky enough to be in EU is using its position quite craftly against its neighbours Republic of Macedonia and Albania.
    (EA, 4 March 2008 22:45)
  15. "There is no Albanian minority in my country (Greece)."

    Can you believe this guy? Is he another "minister"?
    (KS, 4 March 2008 21:48)
  16. "There is no Albanian minority in my country (Greece)."

    The orthodox Albanian speaking population of South Epirus. and of the areas of Florina, and Evros are just Greeks that have learned Albanian by chance, and strangely enough still speak Albanian.

    Greeks deny in the same way the existence of Bulgarian speaking population in Greek Macedonia.
    (Geni, 4 March 2008 19:48)