1. Sort out the boundary issues first and then recognize or don't. If you do it the other way around, the boundary will be whatever Kosovo asks Uncle Sam to make it.
    (Boundary Shmoundary, 4 March 2008 14:56)
  2. Come on Macedonia what are you waiting for already, hurry up and recognize this newest narco-fascist stillborn state known as Kosovah. How does it feel being dictated to by some low life KLA terrorists masquerading as reputable statesmen.
    (zoki, 2 March 2008 08:20)
  3. Ptoleme ,

    “…Greater Albania - an idea….Serbian propaganda machine….”

    Really? We see that even on this forum, Albanian posters keep going about “Dardania”. Why are you using Albanian flag so much?


    “…Serbs support the Greek narrative…”

    Greeks are our best allies in the region. FRYM should stay in federation with Serbia, you betrayed us and now you are alone with your friendly Albanian minority…
    (Stevan, 1 March 2008 16:03)
  4. Peter V

    Haha, you are sharp, I noticed exactly the same thing, except you beat me to exposing it!


    I am sorry, but the Kosovo government is being foolish:

    How can they demand anything from a government that has not recognized their sovereignty? On top of that, how can they accuse anybody of blackmail when this minister is doing the exact same thing himself?

    In any case, I am not surprised that Macedonia is taking its time, looking at its minority situation. It should not be blackmailed into Kosovo recognition before considering its options first.
    (Peter Sudyka, 1 March 2008 12:12)
  5. George,

    Macedonia is an independent country and the fact that you don't like it is irrelevant. Many countries have recognised Macedonia as a Republic of Macedonia. We also know that there is also a region in the Republic of Greece called "Macedonia". There is nothing to be confused here.

    Please let's talk and agree in a civilised way even if we disagree rather than making old fashion statements that "Greece is a staunch Serbian ally". That doesn't give you the right to discriminate other people.

    By the way my fist name is an ancient Greek name and I love my name as it is unique but I am Albanian as well as British.
    (EA, 1 March 2008 11:30)
  6. In response to george's comments macedonia is a wider geographical area that incorporates the current boundaries of the REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA (as recognised by 120 odd members of the UN and security council members Russia, China and the USA). So a person born in the Republic of Macedonia is a Macedonian by heritage and geographical position. Please do not confuse readers with YOUR errors in definition.
    (Riste, 1 March 2008 06:08)
  7. From the great number of supporters of "George the Spartan" it's clear that there are few supporters of the truth! Let me guess, now, Serbs support the Greek narrative!! Why, so? Well, because Serbs and greeks were the ones that divided Macedonia between themselves in 1913 along with their Albanian and Bulgarian co-conspiritors! But lets forget the historical nonsense that "George" entertains himself with, why do Macedonians have no right to self identification as other peoples do? Yes, we know you want us to disappear so as to prolong your illusion of "greek ethnic/racial purity", no problem, but you cannot do it at the expense of the Macedonian name and identity!!!!!! Go to [link] scroll down to "A Brief History of Athens" and learn of the truth of modern Greece's history, ie its Albanian origins, quite an irony huh?
    (Dejan, 1 March 2008 05:16)
  8. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Already, Albanian intentions are rearing their ugly head! Continue like this and you "independence" will really flourish. BTW, acc. to Churkin's comments "Kosova" will never enter the UN, due to Russia and China> Have fun!
    (Dimitar, 1 March 2008 02:04)
  9. To George, Macedonia never has been and never will be greek!!! But fyrom has been and always will be!!!!!!!!
    (Aleksandar, 1 March 2008 01:58)
  10. Ptoleme, It is you who is trying to confuse the readers here. Serbs only want the territories which have always historically been Serbian and populated by Serbs. Now if this is more territory than you can stomach, then that's your problem. On the other hand, Albanians want territories which don't belong to them which does make the idea of greater Albania realistic.

    You already have Albania and that's all you've had until you started to breed out and drive out Serbs from their historical territory. Don't let a little thing like facts get in the way of your story telling.
    (Peggy, 29 February 2008 23:24)
  11. 'Kosovo’s constitution and declaration of independence stipulate the country’s inviolability of borders..'
    What farce ! Kosova's very existence is based on violating law.
    (pera, 29 February 2008 22:40)
  12. "Kosovo Albanians want Macedonia to first recognize the secession, before demarcating administrative boundaries."

    “Kosovo will not allow itself to be blackmailed to be recognized.”

    Am i really the only one that sees the irony here?
    (Peter V, 29 February 2008 22:33)
  13. Robin, seeing how the idea of "Greater Serbia" plummeted the region into turmoil, Albanians do not wish to replicate it with ideas of Greater Albania - an idea, in fact, regularly elevated by the Serbian propaganda machine. The facts of the case are that Kosovo’s constitution and declaration of independence stipulate the country’s inviolability of borders and bars it from joining another, including Serbia.
    (Ptoleme, 29 February 2008 20:36)
  14. The people who you misrepresent in the article as "Macedonians" are neither Greek nor Macedonian. FYROM slavs cannot be Macedonian for they are either of Slavic orgin, Bulgarian or Greek Communists who fled Greece during the civil war in the 50s. Therefore, logic would indicate that you cannot refer to anyone in FYROM as a Macedonian. MACEDONIA IS GREECE and MACEDONIANS ARE GREEK so please do not confuse your readers with your errors in definition.
    Maybe a simple example might help you. My parents were born is Sparta, Greece, they speak Greek and they belong to the Greek Orthodox Church. I am both Spartan and Greek. Does this make any sense to you? Greece is a staunch Serbian ally and you do us great harm by calling Skopjeans "Macedonian".
    George Star
    Toronto, Canada
    (George Star, 29 February 2008 19:42)
  15. No,
    Albania is great the way it is.
    (Geni, 29 February 2008 19:31)
  16. Do Kosovar Albanians demand a Greater Albania?
    (Robin Owens, 29 February 2008 17:50)