1. I support Kosova's indepedence all the way
    (Uknown, 9 March 2008 17:35)
  2. Hi,I am Polish and trace the development of things in your region with interest. I see the Srpska Republika's parliament statement about that if most of EU countries and UN recognizes Kosovo, the province will split from Bosnia.
    I don't want to side with anybody in this complicated conflict. I'd like to ask you about an opinion, what would be the attitude about Kosovo if SR joined Serbia? I mean, in terms of territory and people, Serbia would regain more than it wasted. Could it be seen as a potential to make some peaceful settlement with all the parties?Would it then be possible for Serbs to accept Kosovo as independent,in the same time having Banja Luka as a part of country? Cheers!
    (Chris, 24 February 2008 09:06)
  3. Im portuguese,like Tom I support our Serbian Brothers.
    This is not our Europe,kosovo is Serbian.Now the Serbian Bosnians and the Serbian people of north Kosovo must have the right to succede too.
    I love Serbia and Poland
    history of resistence.USA and Europe shame on you.
    please visit the site:[link]/
    (Helder Faria, 20 February 2008 06:40)
  4. I'm a Polish, and I dislike our government intention to aprove independence of Kosovo. We, as a people, support our Serbian Brothers. Greetings form Poland.
    (Tom, 18 February 2008 23:30)
  5. Is it really possible to separate these two things? I mean Kosovo and the EU accession process. Just look at the campaign! Both candidates see Kosovo as an integral part of the country. If Nikolic wins, the EU accession process will surely slow down (the pretext will be different, of course, and definitely not Kosovo). The fact that the EU has declared that these two issues are to be treated separately has the weight of a newborn butterfly, since the political rhetorics in Serbia shows clearly how these two subjects are tightly linked to each other. I find such opinions, ie. separating the Kosovo problem from EU accession, highly manipulative and telling about a misunderstood political circumspection.
    (Zoltan, 2 February 2008 10:47)
  6. EU is not faithful to values it is pretending to be protecting. It is trying to legalize ethnic cleansing of non-Albanian population in Kosovo. Serbia should not expect anything good from EU and it has more chances for survival and prosperity than to be thrown in EU and be bought cheep now after being ruined by bombs and sanctions. My sympathy goes to brave Serbians, EU is hypocritical.
    (Mike Rowner, 31 January 2008 08:33)
  7. Mr.Lloveras is very educated diplomat and does not want to tell to Serbians entire truth, that is more than obveisly. You have to read him between the lines, you could get this invitation years ago, but you did not, because this is conected with Kosova issue, liked it or not. You may take the right step accepting Kosovo indenpendance and join Europe, or make aliances with Lybia, North Korea and Cuba. It is your choice, personally I will accept your decision no matter what you choose, after all, we are neighbors ain't we?
    (mika, 4 January 2008 20:29)