1. I totally agree. To hell with both Italy, Slovenia and EU. Very sad picture how they behaved towards Croatia. Both Serbia and Croatia will do better without EU.
    (MC, 2 January 2008 19:19)
  2. I am proud that we proclaimed the ecological zone and soo dissapointed in EU and how they behaved towards Croatia on this matter. Very sad picture.
    (DeeGee, 2 January 2008 09:08)
  3. To hell with the Eu and it's member states. Croatia does not need these hypocrites. I for one am opposed to joining the Union and should seek viable trading partners in the regions that are truly progressive and economic powerhouses like Asia and the Americas.
    (Dante, 1 January 2008 21:16)
  4. Totally agree with Lenard and Srboslav. The hypocrisy of the EU in demanding Croatia abandon it's protection proposal is laughable! I hope Croatia sticks it to the EU and goes ahead with it's protection zone!
    (jeju, 1 January 2008 00:39)
  5. I support the croats to the fullest on this one.
    THey should not let EU dictate what they can do and not do in case of enviromental protection! Here actually Croatia shows better knowledge of the natural heritage than EU and then they are reprimended because of this???

    Or can it just be that EU try to show who is in charge here and how dare small Croatia to put up agains allmighty EU?

    I am more and more conviced that EU just wants the beautiful dalmatian coast as its private playground and fishing territory.

    I start to belive that both Serbia and Croatia will do better without membership in the EU. If EU already are trying to control the balkan nations, what will happen later if they dare have their own opinons against EU and (america via Britain)?
    (Srboslav, 31 December 2007 15:40)
  6. Croatia should stick to its goal to protect Adriatic Sea fishing stocks which Croatia says are being depleted by Italy's larger fishing fleet fishing on the Croatian side of the sea. On its side of the Adriatic Sea Croatia has every right under international law of the sea to implement it. Also not to be bullied when the hypocrites in EU ,Italy and Slovenia have their own proclaimed protected fishing and ecological zones on their sides of the Adriatic sea. If the Croatian fishing fleet would ignore it and tried to fish their the boats would be sized and crews charged in court. … EU enlargement commissioner Olli Rehn said in a statement that refusing to open up the fisheries and ecological zone to all member states would lead to "negative" consequences. So the EU states can rape and pillage wipe out your resources at will and make a quick profit without any consequences to them selfs. Croatia should not join the EU where some buracrats and has been politicians are in charge of your country. Before the EU was in charge in 17 areas of policy now it is in 54 areas and going up. Where a country cant say no to or the elected politicians or the people of that country have aright to vote against it without suffering dire consequences. The country's institutions become only a rubber stamp of the masters in Brussels. EU is becoming a dictatorship it just needs a dictator and his cronies to take the helm. Is that what Croatia fought fore and sacrificed. My advise to any country thinking of becoming a slave of the EU run fast and separate your self from the EU its not worth it.
    (Lenard, 31 December 2007 12:34)
  7. Both Italy and Slovenia can ultimately veto Croatia's EU entry. And both of these countries are clearly now taking advantage of this fact at Zagreb's expense.

    I am all for ecological protection from pollution, overfishing, etc. The Dalmatian coast is one of the most beautiful in the world.
    (lowe, 31 December 2007 11:54)