1. he failed to mention the state of affairs in kosove during the 80's, 90's and today while belgrade imposed their will on a defenseless people. familiar w/the expression: "we reap what we sew?" well, here's a perfect example of that very thing because belgrade had plenty of chances to avert this problem but they preferred mass murder to diplomacy, negotiation & compromise. i find it rather humorous that after all that's been said and done, the serbian gov't wants to sit down and find a viable solution so as both sides can be happy. anyone who has the slightest knowledge of the region and the players involved would be able to smell the rat in this play.
    (mark, 3 December 2007 18:32)
  2. Whenever you hear a Serb here talk use the words such as "democracy" or "international law" please reply with one word "SREBENICA." You don't have to say the rest (Drenica, Raçak, Jashari, etc), they know fully well.
    (KS, 3 December 2007 04:26)
  3. Dodik and RS are the ones causing all the tension in BH, its not his place even to comment on Kosova/o, after what RS did in Bosnia.
    (lazer, 3 December 2007 02:31)
  4. This starts to become pretty annoying... how can someone still believe that Pristina and Belgrade can find a common language about Kosovo's status?
    Time will certainly heal the wounds but not as long as Serbian government has any authority in Kosovo.
    (Metro, 2 December 2007 22:57)