1. The Ten Commandments of Christianity have some very enlightening guiding principles:

    Commandment VI: Thou shalt not murder
    Commandment X: Thou shalt not covet anything that belongs to thy neighbor

    The same guiding principles can be found not only in the Bible (The Holy Book of Christians) but also in the Koran (The Holy Book of Moslems), The Bhagavad-Gita (The Holy Book of Hindu) etc.

    The more important, actually crucial message of all three a.m. holy books is: LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR! I guess the more suitable message for Kosova(o) and Serbia is (at least for the time being): LIVE IN HARMONY WITH THY NEIGHBOUR.

    I’m grieved to read some intolerant (sometimes even warmongering) comments coming from the posters/commentators from both camps (Albanian and Serbian) such as (not verbatim):

    a. Kosova(o) is Serbia and if you Albanians do not accept is get lost (Serb camp) or
    b. Kosova(o) is Albanian and if you Serbs can not accept is get lost (Albanian camp)

    In addition:
    I’m encouraged by the recent comments of Serbia’s president, Mr Tadic: “Serbia will not use military force if Kosova(o) declares the independence”, but I’m very worried about the behaviour of Serbia’s prime minister, Mr Kostunica, who offers Kosova(o) a wide autonomy, but when it comes to having dinner with Albanians during the negotiations in Baden/Austria the he simply skips it. In addition, Mr Kostunica wants to territorially integrate Kosova(o) into Serbia but he has no intention of integrating Albanians into the Serbian society.

    The same is with Albanians. They are granting the Serbs in Kosova(o) a lots of rights under Atisari’s plan but when it comes to executing them in practice they fail. Albanians simply do not do enough to make Serbs feel safe in Kosova(o) let alone make the Serbs feel comfortable.

    I guess both, the Serbs and Albanians, have to learn a lot before they understand the basic massage of all three a.m. holy books. My advice to them is: LEARN IT QUICKLY BECAUSE YOU HAVE NOT MUCH TIME LEFT. The patience of the international community is wearing thin by the second!
    (Simple Mind, 2 December 2007 12:04)
  2. As long as you people hate each other nothing will change except the hate will grow. After reading the comments here for the past year all I can do is shake my head and wonder when there will be peace for a change here in the Balkans. Until everyone understands that change will always occur and accept that the conflicts will never end. Sometimes when reading the comments here I think everyone wants another war which of course will solve nothing. Sometime I think some of the comments are written by kids here who have not learned about peace and what it means.
    (Bob, 2 December 2007 09:18)
  3. We have all seen and heard of Serbian policy of peace. We've all seen the results of murdered men ,women and children can also testify from their graves how they were murdered by the Serbs policy of peace. Or the 690,000 still ethnically cleansed from Srpska by the Serbs. Can be very good witnesses of the Serbs policy of peace and justice they have been meted out to them. I don't see or hear of Tadic berating the Serbs there to give the ethnically cleansed their land and houses back. We all hear and know how Serbia is trying to steal half of Bosnia and add it to Serbia who is Tadic trying to convince no body is buying! My mistake ,maybe Dragan ,bmrusila ,Dragan ,Rade ,Peggy and few others how believe everything that Serb politicians say I wonder why?
    (Lenard, 2 December 2007 07:50)
  4. Peggy,

    You like polemics like your friends Kostunica and Delic. Can you come up with something meaningful?
    (Joe, 2 December 2007 07:33)
  5. Mr. Tadic a true diplomat. I applaud his attempts at trying to preserve an essential part of Serbia's territory through international and legal means. This man knows what he's talking about realizes what he is dealing with. Congrats to the Serbian government, they truly are European.
    (Andrej, 2 December 2007 06:57)
  6. ... or until he goes crazy like Milosevic.
    Why doesn't he start by capturing war criminals the Hague wants?
    (Agron, 2 December 2007 06:31)
  7. Belgium (EU HQ) is on the brink of division how on earth do you expect the EU to help Kosovo if they themselves cannot hold together?

    The Kosovo issue will only further divide the EU and this will make it very difficult for the US to go through with its bitter promise of independence. To provide funding and security in the province alone with violence on the way? No I'm afraid the Albanians will be disappointed we will see that on Dec 10th.

    I can understand why the EU wants a independent Kosovo, to keep albanians cramped in one place so they don't go elsewhere in Europe, but why should Serbia have to suffer for this?
    (Mito, 2 December 2007 04:45)
  8. Good, now how are you gonna get there with this kind of attitude Mr. Tadic and Co.? You must drop the gun first, and then show the flower, forgot?
    (Clean Cut, 2 December 2007 03:28)
  9. The only thing that Serbia can offer K-Albanians which would be satisfactory is Serbia itself, for thats Kosovo is.

    One Albanian poster said once that it's not their fault that Serbs have one or two children per family while they have ten. You can have as many chilren as you want but that doesn't entitle you to take over the whole house if you find your part cramped. You cannot expell the rightful owners out.

    Maybe you should have the same birth rate as the rest of the Europe.

    If you get away with stealing this land for now, one day it will be returned to rightful owners just like stolen property that gets recovered.
    (Peggy, 2 December 2007 01:21)
  10. To all albanian posters,

    Brussels being capital of Greater Albania???

    Albanians "forced to be part of former Yu"?


    and no amount of red flags in Belgium will EVER change that...
    (Sale, 1 December 2007 23:19)
  11. An independent Kosovo would create a new Balkan Cold War in which the inhabitants of a mono-ethnic Kosovo would have an anti-Serbia-centric foreign policy. Serbia would never recognize the stepping stone to a greater Albania less its minorities. That is why the US is so eager to declare an independent Kosovo - it's because they need new clients for their military hardware - the US first cares of profit.
    (Aca, 1 December 2007 22:55)
  12. This poor Tadic tries to keep up with Kostunica and says a lot of none sense lately. Too little too late. The Serbs have to realize (many realized already) that Kosovo is lost for ever. I am even surprised that it took so long. What is the aim of this cosmetic solution of keeping Kosovo within Serbia? Be able to teach Serbian kids that the total population of Serbia is 9.5 million inhabitants instead of 7.5?
    Ridiculous. Also this wide autonomy concept? Who would trust Serbia? This autonomy was already abrogated once. They would do it any time again. Serbia is the last country people would ever trust.
    (Joe, 1 December 2007 22:32)
  13. Albi: What you said regarding the horrible treatment of Serbs was,

    "Don't worry though, things will get better after Serbs realize that they won't ever again be able to rule Kosovo and stop threatening to return their army and police."

    You've completely admitted that Albanians have been mistreating innocent Serbs not as revenge for 1999 but as a means to an end. In other words, you are linking the treatment of innocent non combatants to your political goals.

    You've given us a very clear Albanian vision of the democratic, multi-ethnic Kosovo, and another reason why the West is having second thoughts about an independent Kosovo.
    (Nicholas Klinsman, 1 December 2007 22:02)
  14. "The horrible treatment of Serbs in Kosovo proves that...."

    It proves that Serbs never asked for forgiveness for what they did to Albanians and it proves that Serbs continue to threaten Albanians.

    Don't worry though, things will get better after Serbs realize that they won't ever again be able to rule Kosovo and stop threatening to return their army and police.
    (albi, 1 December 2007 21:20)
  15. "Serbia wants another chance to turn Kosovo into a Serb populated territory. But that will be damn impossible if Albanians are well armed."
    albi, 1 December 2007 18:46

    Thank you Albi, for setting the record straight about Albanian goals for Serbia’s province. It’s all about ‘lebensraum’ and ethnic cleansing.

    Even in the best case scenario for you, the EU will force you to have open borders. You will also be forced by EU laws to rebuild every church and monastery and return all Serbian property. Your KLA and ANA will be eliminated by the EU and we will be free to come and go as we please. No passports, no borders.

    You don’t have to believe me, just listen to what the EU is saying about borders and status being meaningless for you.

    You will never, ever be free to do what you did in Yugoslavia. Tito and his Croatian communist henchmen, the architects of an ethnically cleansed Kosovo and Metohija, are gone forever.

    You WILL live in a multi-ethnic society and you WILL respect human rights to the letter.
    (Rade, 1 December 2007 20:14)
  16. We're getting some clarity from Tadic finally, with his insistence that Kosovo not have an army. That's what the disagreement between the two sides boils down to. Serbia has openly agreed to not meddle in Kosovo's. Serbia's only goal now is to keep Kosovo unable to defend itself.

    Tadic talks about defense of Kosovo, but the only military threat to Kosovo comes from Tadic's Serbia. I've said in this forum before that the only reason Serbia insists on sovereignty is because that is the only way to keep Albanians from having armed forces. The long standing goal of Serbian polity has been and remains dealbanization of Kosovo. Nothing has changed since Cubrilovic, and you better believe that Serbia wants another chance to turn Kosovo into a Serb populated territory. But that will be damn impossible if Albanians are well armed.

    That is precisely why Kosovo needs an army and that is precisely why border control can't possibly be given to any Serbia-affiliated institution.
    (albi, 1 December 2007 18:46)
  17. Funcakes: Serbs have plenty of documented facts about Albanian atrocities against Serbs in the past to go with whatever you want to accuse Serbs of having done to Albanians.

    The difference though is that in the Serb case there is no need to go look into the past to find examples. Anyone can just look at the present state of Serbs living in Kosovo to show the cruelty of Albanians toward Serbs.

    The horrible treatment of Serbs in Kosovo proves that Albanians are a long way from pro-western democracy. Why don't you deal with that instead of accusing Tadic of denial?

    To EA: Here is a REAL fact. Kosovo was not taken from Albania. Not evan a pro-Albanian historian can cite such an occurrence.

    Furthermore, in addition to your observations of Greater Albania, I think what Mr. Tadic was referring to as Greater Albania was a place where Albanians rampantly pillage and threaten other nationalities, attempt to murder or drive them off their land.
    (Nicholas Klinsman, 1 December 2007 18:28)
  18. I'm glad he finally mentioned Bosnia as an example. He basically told the West that Republika Srpska will follow if they go ahead with illegal recognition of greater albania. No more double standards. If international law is to be thrown into the garbage bin, then the Serbs will be rewarded with Republika Srpska and northern Kosovo.
    (Dragan, 1 December 2007 16:46)
  19. The compromise of course should focus on how much in damages Serbia should pay to Kosovars.
    (femi, 1 December 2007 14:58)
  20. This gentleman gives us more credit than we’re due. The idea of a greater Albania is just propagated myth and nothing more. I wish I could say the same about Greater Serbia. There is absolutely no desire of a unification into a greater Albania among different Albanian communities and this has been proven my numerous and reliable polls. Where we Albanians are united at is our unwavering resolve not to allow others to move us as cattle or kill us at will ever again.
    (village-bey, 1 December 2007 14:03)
  21. “If Kosovo becomes an independent state, then the project of a Greater Albania will all but have come to fruition. Since, who will then be able to stop the Albanians from forming a single state at the end of the process,” he pointed out.

    Tadic scaremongering policies doesn't impress anyone anymore. Let's be clear about the idea of "Greater Albania". If that would mean "free movement of Albanians whereever they live" and without borders we love that. If "Greater Albania" means Albanian national flag raised everywhere Albanian live we love that. If "Greater Albania" capital would mean Brussel we love that. If "Greater Albania" means full integration in EU and NATO we love that. If "Greater Albania" would mean closer relations with EU and West than with Russia we love that. If that is what Tadic means by "Greater Albania" he is right in that). Again any parellelism drawn between the Albanian issue and other issues are unrealistic, misleading and unhelpful. It is a FACT that the Albanians and Serbs are very different when it comes to language, history, tradition. Kosovar Albanians were forced to be part of former Yugoslavia. These are REAL facts. Those who are in charge in looking in finding a solution for Kosova know preatty well the history of conflict before recomending a solution. That solution should unequivocally respect the will of people of Kosova for full independence from Serbia. At the end of the day Kosova was taken off from Albania.
    (EA, 1 December 2007 12:23)
  22. procedures and standards have to be complied with first.” said Tadic

    Exactly, that is the crucial sentence. Just 1-2 years ago International community was insisting on standards at first and then status for Kosovo. Albanians did not comply not one basic standard and procedure (in not a one field) of a civilized democratic society. They even believe of being democratic society while they keep K-minorities behind barbed wires. They even believe that such great democrcy as thier will enter EU. They are proud on what they have and do nothing to improve the situation.
    (bmrusila, 1 December 2007 12:23)
  23. Again, Tadic, when you speak on this topic...do mention 1999, and also the will of the people of Kosovo, before you make any statement.

    Why not mention them?

    Or is it because all your suggestions wouldn't stick if you weren't so shortsighted and conveniently forgetful! Or as I call it, DENIAL.

    Highly dissapointing words from this politician, who was supposed to be pro-Western. He has officially lost that title in the eyes of the West.

    Especially with comments of a possibility of a Greater Albania, Serbia or Croatia...as a tool of propaganda and intimidation! This guy can't be pro-Western, he is using Milosevic tactics for God's sake!
    (Funcakes, 1 December 2007 12:14)