1. Lenard: This is not a turn, it's what you call negotiations. What you pro Bosnian Muslims and Albanians don't understand is that European institutions are very happy making deals with Serbs. Mr. Kostunica is very aware of what Republika Srpska is doing and it will be to the benefit of Serbs, which is what you're afraid of.
    (Nicholas Klinsman, 1 December 2007 01:17)
  2. Lenard what are you talking about. He's made a 360 degree turn. In April of 2006 he supported these same reforms in the failed "April Reforms" of constitutional changes in Bosnia. Then recently he said he opposed these measures and now a month l;ater he supports them. If he was smart he would have used the fact that the Bosniaks campaigned agianst the April Reforms and were now accepting some of theior measures to discredit them.
    (Yaroslav, 30 November 2007 20:31)
  3. who cares what anyone says its what the Serbs and the people want, not these outsiders. the Serbs and the eastern world are changing and moving closer to Russia and others and the whole eastern world is moving farther from the west. soon america will have mini states on their side because.
    (Ukraine, 30 November 2007 17:28)
  4. there is no crisis in republica srpska maybe in the muslim-croat federation country there is ...
    (cccc, 30 November 2007 14:55)
  5. Dodic just made 180 degree turn from his stubborn refusal to implement police reform and to put the SA agreement on the tracks to the EU. He saw the handwriting on the wall the end of Srpska. By listening to and following in big brother Serbia footsteps is a big loosing preposition. Kostunica must be stewing furiously mad at Dodic especially when they had an understanding and agreement to stick together no matter what. Especially when Serbia spent 100s of millions propping up Srpskas economy and government to buy its unwavering loyalty. Theres is no loyalty even between brothers they will sell each other out if they get a better deal. Is it not a unwavering Serbian motto.... Strength in Unity!
    (Lenard, 30 November 2007 11:54)
  6. then lajcak, as crisis-starter, has just to take back or neutralize his nonsense. it´s still a simple question!

    as soon as he does that, dodik will unblock the phantasy-state and so-called bosnia and lajcak will again have his bonn-powers over a "state" that does exist.

    time is ticking misko, on dec.1st rs will block also the parliament, and then all theory about the legality of taking back competences to entity-niveau will disappear, because then it will be a question of survival (for both entities).

    but it´s good to know that lajcak realizes where his place in former bosnia is and that the rs-assembly DOES decide about his competences and greater-sarajevo-phantasies!
    (raso, 30 November 2007 10:41)
  7. Yes, the only solution to end the crisis is independence to Republika Srpska! Never again under Bosnian rule after all the muslims did to the serbs during the war.

    If there are no solution by 10 th december, there will be proclamation of independece from Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    The Russians and Chinese will recognize Republika Srpska as well as some EU countries!

    Nice solution to a current problem instead of compromize?
    (Srboslav, 30 November 2007 09:57)