1. Lenard:

    You anti serbian people love to make yourselves look like victims. You think you can tell a lie a 100 times and then it becomes the truth.

    I understand, if I were on the other side, I would want to hide the truth as well.
    (Nicholas Klinsman, 30 November 2007 06:26)
  2. Free RS from the incompetent and corrupt Federation ASAP, Dodik has the support of Serbia 100% of the way.
    (Mito, 29 November 2007 22:03)
  3. Sure incompetence and folly they only can make war on unarmed people.
    (Lenard, 29 November 2007 20:46)
  4. This onkly shows the incompetence of RS leadership. The reforms RS politicans are against were once they supported as part of the so-called "April Reforms" constiutional amendments in 2006. If Dodik had any intelligence he would have used this to shame Sijaldzic who built up his entire election campaign on his refusal to accept these reforms.
    (Yaroslav, 29 November 2007 19:14)