1. Spot on Jovan. 'Joe' is very amusing. I think his communist country's name does start with an 'a' but for some reason he's not fessing up!

    Never mind, we can all solve the riddle ourselves.
    (Rade, 27 November 2007 11:30)
  2. He has no clout and no respect from Serbs.He is utterly anti-Serb and has no place in Balkan affairs.B92 I understand that you are a western leaning news source but why even run a story about this it has nothing to do with the current situation and aims only at antagonizing your Serbian readers.This Holbrooke tried to fool Sloba at Dayton when it came to the 49-51% split he needs to be left out as he thinks Clintons Balkan adventure was a success.
    (Jovan z, 27 November 2007 01:04)
  3. Joe, my dear...

    but, better don´t let us talk about your comments, all I have to say about them is that the do not hurt me at all. it is just the opposite, you are amusing me ( and certainly others too ) , it´s mere entertainment.

    in regard to the "truth"...I would rather be quiet if I were you...
    truth has no owner, but in this particular question, truth and justice are on the serbian side...
    you may ignore that, but that does not matter.

    keep it up, Joe. show us what your education in a communist country was worth! by the way, which one was it? does it´s name start with a capital A.? ;)
    (Jovan, 26 November 2007 13:02)
  4. I find it ridiculous to follow the arguments of some of Holbrooke's defenders here. When Serbs say that their territory is being ripped off by force by the US and EU, the reply is "Yes, but Putin is an autocrat". There are no justifiable legal basis for the creation of another Albanian state on Serbian soil, and that's why the process is such a pain for those who are really pushing the idea forward. Under such circumstances, and away from the UN, Serbia will always have the right to claim it's territory back, no matter how long it takes.
    As for the deeds of the Serbs, as someone mentioned here, that's acceptable, but what is not acceptable is that Serbs are the only ones paying for them in the Hague. You can't talk about Srebrenica and forget about Jasenovac, you can't bomb Serbia for Racak, and grant the Kosovo Albanians independence after Klecka, Volujak, Ratis, Gorazdevac and the 2004 Jihad. Double standards don't lead to lasting solutions. Balkan history didn't start with Milosevic and will not end with him, especially if Kosovo is taken from Serbia by force. And we don't always have to go to war to claim it back.
    (nesha, 26 November 2007 08:36)
  5. I got the solution:

    Implement the A-plan, but Kosovo stays a Serbian province!

    Own seat at UN, own football team, own business with IMF!

    Serbia happy, Kosovo happy. No breach of international law!
    (Ron, 26 November 2007 06:56)
  6. Could it be that MONEY talks fo Mr Holbrook and many others-time for refill please....
    (Lola, 26 November 2007 05:35)
  7. Jovan,

    Unfortunately I know first hand what a communist country is. I lived in one as a kid.
    I know people like you would prefer that I don't write at all. You don't like to hear the truth. And "deficit in european history" ? Oh boy! Most likely I would be happier if I would know less about it...including the deeds of the Serbs.
    (Joe, 26 November 2007 02:54)
  8. It's good to take a deep breath before you react to anything from Holbrooke, a diplomat by mistake, when it comes down to etiquette. First of all, if there is a threat of violence in the region, it doesn't come from the Serbs, and whoever uses violence against Serbs should be sanctioned. Second, if Kosovo is recognized by the US and EU, the Serbs should automatically declare there independence in Bosnia, since they are the only ones safeguarding Holbrooke's Dayton Accords today. Third, I really get a laugh from the comment on Putin's regional hegemony - since Holbrooke's country, the US, is exercising world hegemony, in a very brutal manner. Putin is hegemonistic for demonstrating against American missiles in front of his face. Come on Holbrooke! It was about time that someone finally came up to warn the Western leaders, the authors of the New World Disorder, that their creation is a nuisance to many in today's globalized world and that they should stick to their courtyards.
    Instead of the Balkans, I prefer to hear Holbrooke's comments about the Iraq, Afghanistan and other ongoing US fiascos.
    (nesha, 26 November 2007 02:49)
  9. Holbrooke said Bush doesn’t want anything to do with Clinton involvement then he gives the current president advice, as a former Clinton secretary. I see appropriate poster names here.

    Apparently Holbrooke followers didn’t follow the 2004 presidential campaign and especially the plan that followed. They should tour the U.S. troops whose lives are changed because of war and overseas duties. President Bush is acting upon his nations wishes, not lawbreakers of former Yugoslavia.

    When 60 Minutes interviewed President Putin in Russia he wished ‘all the best to the U.S.’ It completely coincides with President Bush’s promises of 2004.
    (Slavko, 26 November 2007 02:12)
  10. I said this more than once before as a friendly advice: You should listen to what this guy has to say. His word is HEAVY, period! You can either ignore him, or try to humiliate him like you are used to do with all the people you dislike. You still don't know who this guy really is and what he can do. He could be described better as "Dick Cheney of the Democrats". Do you get it now?
    (Clean Cut, 26 November 2007 01:48)
  11. Joe...

    it doesn´t matter where I have lived, or where I live at the moment.

    what counts is that UNSC 1244 is in effect. ;)

    sorry, if that hurts your feelings...
    and, please, if you don´t know what censorship means, or what a communist country is...better don´t write at all...it only disqualifies you! and remember as an "hungarian-american" you already have a lot deficit in european history, ...as you have proved here for several times...
    (Jovan, 25 November 2007 21:09)
  12. Joe,
    You have shown by your posts on here that you are a vehement Serb hater - which explains your love of Dick Holbrooke.
    Therefore, I care about your opinion about as much as I care whether Britney Spears is wearing underwear or not. Austria-Hungary is dead Joe, deal with it.
    Serbia is a rock on which empires break.
    (Dragan, 25 November 2007 20:45)
  13. "Clinton's successes"! I am laughing my behind off. Clinton was a disaster in the Balkans - Holbrooke is one of his puppets that is vying for a good job if, God forbid, Hillary gets elected. Can he get any more pro_Albanian?
    (papajohn, 25 November 2007 20:45)
  14. Unknown Comic,

    When this historic day arrives and goes without any illegal folly I hope the dreamers in the false promise by Uncle Sam realise that false promises can never be delievered by someone who can never give what is not theirs to give.

    Alas, come the 11th Dec I guess we will hear of some new ever extendable deadline. However, the credibitlity of Thaci is already waning given that it was "immediatly", "within a few days", a few "weeks" - what next a few months, years, decacdes, centuries, millenia - Dec 20008 perhaps ?
    (Princip, UK, 25 November 2007 13:49)

    All i am saying mate is that when Dec 10 rolls around we will see what will happen i am sure it will be historic because either A. Kosovo will declare independence or B. We will go back to the drawing board. C. Kosovo will declare independence and so will Northern Mitrovicia. Let us wait and see what happens.
    (Unknown Comic, 25 November 2007 20:31)
  15. Do not demonise Russia!
    Dear readers,in all honesty we are all taking by surprise of russian politiccians unresonably and destructive policies,both nationaly and internationaly.
    However, it's ex-KGB officers, nowdays Russias politicians who are to blame, not the porr russian people. Surpressed and robbed by ones who promissed to look after them.
    92 they paid $10 for ona packet of Marlboro 25% of their salarie.
    Nowdays they are almost all of them billioners.
    This tells you all of their way of leading their country, and if they don't care about their own citizens how can you expect them to care about others?
    Today's russian political elite reminde me of one of my neighbours spoiled kids who once asked me to help him climbe up a trea.
    I promissed to do that, provided he didn't climb up to far, it wasn't safe I said.
    He promissed he would listen, but in no time he was out of reach, and would not come down.
    My message to them would be, the higher you climbe, the more it will hurt when (not if) you fall.
    (ToniUK, 25 November 2007 20:24)
  16. Joe,

    You have no idea how badly Belgrade was bombed from the first day. We did not cry out uncle Sam but uncle Sam himself wanted to stop bombing feraing that NATO went to far. But cowards had no enough gut to face with Serbian Army on the ground. However, ground battles would be next step after the bombing and uncle Sam feared disaster for his soldiers. But I guess you would just liked someone envy and respect USA and cries out, asking help from them but as you could learn by far Serbia asks nothing.
    (bmrusila, 25 November 2007 20:20)
  17. And America doesn't have their nose where it doesn't belong? Give us all a break. THe USA doesn't give a damn about Albanians..it just wants to be closer to Russia and the Middle East to destroy Islam easier. Hello! Wake up and get better educated..if the Albanians tommorow said they want to remain part of Serbia the Americans would attack them.
    (Richard, 25 November 2007 20:03)
  18. Joe,

    You are very wrong. Russia do not fear USA but USA fear Rusia coming back to its power. I know that you as an American would like just a ordinary people and politicans too around the world admiring, envy USA but that does not happening, not any more. On the contrary, no one in the world have respect for USA any more, maybe only UK have some respect. The world is changing each day :)))I know this id difficult to face but it is really happening. Mr Holbrook would not fear that much from Russia if this was not happening but in the last months he has been talking so negatively about Putin. Holbrook reveals that he fears the disaster of the USA's power.
    (bmrusila, 25 November 2007 20:00)
  19. Holbrooke would rather have Arab petro-dollars spreading Islamofascism (American term, not mine) and Wahhabism.
    (Aca, 25 November 2007 19:52)
  20. Holbrooke is just an Albanian Lobbyist, nothing more. "Personal" approaches meant more to Clinton than they do with somebody with morals like Putin.
    (limited, 25 November 2007 19:50)
  21. Nicola,

    That bombing of some 78 days (with some useless targets like barns, selected by your friend Chirac, who protected you in a great extent)could have been reduced to just few days if right at the beginning Belgrade would have been bombed. As soon as Belgrade got hit you stated to "cry uncle".
    (Joe, 25 November 2007 19:32)
  22. Holbrooke thinks he's God's gift to the Balkans. One of the most overrated statesmen in Washington and a complete and utter sycophant to the Clinton Administration and the KLA.
    (Mike, 25 November 2007 19:15)
  23. It is funny that the only people that keep quoting Dec 11th as a magical date are Serbians. It is a general consensus that any action will take place soon after Dec 10th. Even Thaci has said it will not be immediate. so on Dec 11 when everyone is saying "I told you so" who are they saying it to.
    (skipp5, 25 November 2007 18:56)
  24. Richard Holbrooke is a master of propaganda shows unbridled hatred for Serbs, and has a way of making his inhuman actions seem like some sort of humanitarian effort. And as for Clinton's "successes"? Killing thousands of innocent civilians, bombing the city of Belgrade, taking up arms for Muslim terrorists? Some accomplishments, indeed!
    (Nikola Djukich, 25 November 2007 18:33)
  25. Jovan,

    This is not the first time that you want B92 to censure something what you don't like. You would like to imitate Putin, this great democrat. You must likely grew up under communism and kept those totalitarian reflexes.
    (Joe, 25 November 2007 18:33)
  26. Dragan,

    I know your exalting comments about Russia for a long time. As the independence of Kosovo is getting closer this exaltation (and hidden desperation) is getting bigger. In your world of fantasia Russia became a superpower dictating things to the US and to everybody.
    Russia is a big country, rich in resources and very poor at the same time. There are daily articles about it. In the last 15 years most of the development took place in Moscow and Petersburg. All those huge sums, those oil billions went to those showplaces bypassing the dying rural areas, where people die early of alcoholism, TB or Aids.
    The Russian GDP is very far of that of major countries. Her economy is way behind of China's. Few years ago Russia's GDP was much less than Holland's.
    What Russia has is oil, nuclear forces inherited from the once mighty Sovietunion and a terrible sense of inferiority complex versus the US. Putin and most Russians are not able to swallow the fact that they are not superpower anymore. So they make a lot of noises and threats on a daily basis to look important and make believe that they are strong. In many ways they are only a third-world country with nuclear forces. Even if the oil price goes up to 150 dollars they will never be a superpover again. For that you need more than sending few rusty old bombers over the ocean to "scare" the West. To be a superpower you need more than 145 million people (decreasing population) and a much stronger modern economy. China will be a real superpower. For that country and for its smart, hard-working population I have admiration. Their accomplishments speak for themselfes. They don't need to resort to daily menaces to appear important and respected. They earn the rescect of the world peacfully and intelligently.
    (Joe, 25 November 2007 18:22)
  27. I guess Holbrooke doesn't understand the title of FORMER diplomat.

    He is going to change Putin's stance on Kosovo? HA! right have fun with that.

    Russia won't be changing its mind anytime soon, its support for Serbia and RS is only rising. K-Albanians can forget about smooth independence on any level.
    (Mito, 25 November 2007 18:15)
  28. one serious question to the B92-admins:

    why is B92 publishing at all what this man is saying??? Isn´t he the one who sat down with declared terrorists in front of a camera?

    wishing to be a news-agency devoted to democracy and peace, publishing those quite irrelevant words ( who cares what he says,..Putin? don´t think so) doesn´t make much sense if B92 wants to inform.

    if B92 has other goals, it should name them.
    (Jovan, 25 November 2007 17:43)
  29. BH: What gives holbrook the right to put his nose in?
    (billy, 25 November 2007 16:52)
  30. Oh it must be so hard to take for the world's number one 'ugly American', Dick Holbrooke, to be powerless against a new, powerful and resurgent Russia. That's right Dick, the Serbs have a strong ally now, look out!
    Russia will no longer allow you to bully small countries in their sphere of influence. The US will never be able to legally take Kosovo, and if they attempt to take it illegaly, there will be consequences and they will fail. I look forward to Putin recognizing Republika Srpska if the US recognizes 'greater albania'.
    (Dragan, 25 November 2007 16:38)
  31. Holbrooke, the likely future
    State Secretary of the Hillary Clinton administration in 2009 will be the right man in that job.
    He will be God-sent. He will take care of the Balkans and Russia. Bush's great weakness and tragedy was his pathetic failure to recognize Putin's character. All his supporters were laughing at his naive remark "I looked into his eyes and saw a good man".
    (Joe, 25 November 2007 15:52)
  32. I think he's trying to say that someone is Putin' their nose where it doesn't belong :)
    (BH-NYC, 25 November 2007 14:36)
  33. Unknown Comic,

    When this historic day arrives and goes without any illegal folly I hope the dreamers in the false promise by Uncle Sam realise that false promises can never be delievered by someone who can never give what is not theirs to give.

    Alas, come the 11th Dec I guess we will hear of some new ever extendable deadline. However, the credibitlity of Thaci is already waning given that it was "immediatly", "within a few days", a few "weeks" - what next a few months, years, decacdes, centuries, millenia - Dec 20008 perhaps ?
    (Princip, UK, 25 November 2007 13:49)
  34. This man tries to induce violence and make all efforts accordingly. While the EU is trying to find some solution and compromise this man is asking for war giving Albanians green light to begin with the actions against Serbs. Somebody should warn this man.
    (bmrusila, 25 November 2007 13:47)
  35. "Holbrooke advises "one last, personal effort" with Putin"

    Well, I would advise Holbrooke not to waste his time. Because he will only fail again.
    (lowe, 25 November 2007 13:35)
  36. Everyone seems to have this Kosovo business figured out. Let see what happens after Dec 10th. I will be watching and will comment back when this historic day arrives.
    (Unknown Comic, 25 November 2007 13:15)