Lajčák: Bosnian crisis is artificial

High Representative Miroslav Lajčák, speaking excellent Serbian, told our journalist via video link from Sarajevo last night that the deep political crisis currently shaking Bosnia has been "artificially created".

Guest: Miroslav Lajčák, Journalist: Jugoslav Ćosić Source:
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  1. I am a born US citizen and can tell you that Lajcak has NO ORIGINAL thought and does ONLY what the US and the "international community" tell him to do. Danijel commented that, "Republika Srpska is just an entity (autonomous province) within Bosnia-Herzegovina"! Well hell, then they should become completely independent according to the Kosovo rules Nato and the US are making. I say the second Kosovo proclaims independence we should hear a press conference from Republic of Srpska saying they are independent as well. I believe Russia will second that in a heart beat! The hypocracy of the US and it's lapdog EU partners is nothing short of breathtaking. You are witnessing the desintegration of the USA as a country that has any moral fiber.
    (Peter, 6 December 2007 21:59)
  2. It's so hard to disagree with Lajcak when all his positions are legitimate and legal. How convenient for him. Too bad for him that Serbians are watching and aware of what he is doing not what he is saying.

    It must have been hard for Lajcak to listen to a Serbian challenge his positions without being able to threaten their dismissal or issue sanctions.
    (Nicholas Klinsman, 22 November 2007 17:12)
  3. Mr. Lajcak mentioned that he is not "cowboy" - twice. Interesting comparation!
    Think about that.
    (Goran, 20 November 2007 08:23)
  4. danny boy, then have a good look, how rs is transforming from a souveraign post-"bosnian" state to a serbian county.
    (raso, 5 November 2007 10:23)
  5. It is important to remind everyone that Republika Srpska is just an entity (autonomous province) within Bosnia-Herzegovina. Furthermore, Republika Srpska is eternal part of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and will never ever be part of Serbia.
    (Danijel, 5 November 2007 01:37)
  6. Silajdzic last year torpedoed Bosnia's new constitution because it would mean an implicit recognition of the right of existence of the Serb republic (he rejects Dayton and claims that the constitution of 1992 is still valid). Now Lajcak is rewarding him for his obstructionist behaviour.
    (Wim Roffel, 4 November 2007 12:11)
  7. How many times must the media be redundant?

    Lajcak changed the ‘rules of procedure’, as he calls it, to prevent the Bosnian version of a 'no vote' without dispute. This Bosnian tactic of not voting is used as a no vote in his view and possibly many others.

    I was born and raised in a North American democracy, these Bosnian no vote tactics, which Lajcak is trying to forbid and labeled not allowing Bosnia to function better, is a Bosnian version of a filibuster; however not having to speak. Lajcak’s attempt to prevent a no vote, in the manner of not arriving to vote, is wrong.

    Here is what he said:
    “I have changed the rules of procedure. The only goal is to have these institutions function better, for them to have less room for obstruction, for ministers and MPs to arrive to work, because today they vote against by not showing up for work.”

    Lajcak should allow the Bosnians to vote no in any legal capacity that the Dayton PEACE Accord allowed them to do so.

    Lajcak as High Representative of Bosnia should understand that Bosnia exploded because the two thirds political majority needed to separate from Yugoslavia was not reached in the early 1990s. Did someone disobey the rules in Bosnia in 1992 that lead to the deaths of tens of thousands and refugees in the hundreds of thousands? Yes, they did! And that is the guilt that Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Barabara McDougal, referred to in a news conference when she stated that it was wrong to recognise the independence of Bosnia!

    Alija Izetbegovic would not have been able to go to war with the Serbs if the Sarajevo government obeyed the rules!

    This is CBS, Canadian Bosnian Serb; an eye on Accord. An ethnic Serb citizen of both Canada and Bosnia.
    (CBS, Canadian Bosnian Serb, 3 November 2007 23:51)