1. No No Nele....unfortunately I do
    no listen to that Thomson drek
    dear but I will tell you my message is loud and clear in my earlier post and the Canadian government will always listen to those who scream the loudest......or who
    snivel the best....
    (tomski, 1 November 2007 00:21)
  2. Hey Tomski,

    Is Tomski short for Thompson PS you must be very frustrated with the Canadians firstly they uncovery the truth. As well they stop you from performing hate music in their country. :(
    (Nele, 31 October 2007 03:37)
  3. Yes Gordo...that was very brave of the Canadian soldiers ..someone should have explained what was happening in Croatia before these lads arrived...they risked there lives protecting the aggressor who just months before that killed and pushed the native croatians of their own land not to mention shelled them daily...way to go Canada...a job well done....more like a bloody embarrasement to the rest of us Canadians who know the truth.
    (tomski, 31 October 2007 00:26)
  4. Unlike Serbian crimes, which were front page and live on TV news, this one commited by Croatians has been well hidden until recently.

    Perhaps to reinforce the image of Demon Serbs, while all others were innocents, paving the way for NATO retaliation squarely on Serbia.

    It should be mentioned that the Canadian soldiers didn't just pass by and discover the horrors after the Croatians left. The Canadians knew what was going on and were engaged in firefights with a much larger Croat force who were determined not to be caught. French troops who were supposed to reinforce the Canadians, ran away in typical fashion.

    Canadians eventually fought their way to the edge of town where they were blockcaded by Croat troops with T-72 tanks (a gift to them from Germany).

    After a standoff of a few hours, the Canadian commander brought the Foreign Press to the front and explained to them what the Croats were doing in the town.

    Reluctantly, the Canadians were allowed in, but the murderous deeds had already been done and cleaned up.

    The foreign press who were there downplayed or didn't even bother reporting what happened for whatever reasons.

    Much of this information has only recently (2002) been released to the Canadian public.
    (Gordo, 30 October 2007 22:29)
  5. "Why aren't these criminals in the Hague? Oh ya because they aren't Serbian."

    In addition to not being Serbian, one of the war criminals who oversaw the ethnic cleansing in Medak pocket is busy being the Prime Minister of Kosovo.


    It just wouldn't do to indict Ceku for war crimes after the Albanians elected him to be their leader. Then people might realize just the type of "democracy" they want to have in an independent "Kosova".
    (Allan, 30 October 2007 20:57)
  6. Ahmet, are we supposed to take notes for our army on these "strategies"?
    (Milan, 30 October 2007 18:32)
  7. Ratko get your head out of the sand!

    Serbia is ALSO prosecuting alleged war criminals on its territory. The Hague was never intended to prosecute everybody but it has proscuted Serbs, Croats, Muslims.

    And your conspiracy theory against the Serbs is the same type of scare tactic Milosevic used to scare people 20 years ago. It's the 21st century - you should modernise and moderate your views.
    (Justin, 30 October 2007 16:14)
  8. Why aren't these criminals in the Hague? Oh ya because they aren't Serbian.

    This was "real" brutal ethnic clensing. Not like the propaganda stories of Serbs ethnic celnsing everyone in their path.

    I bet victor will come up with an excuse for these war crimes, to justify these unforgiving and gruesome crimes.
    (Ratko, 30 October 2007 15:48)