Kosovo partition possible, solution in EU

Solving the Kosovo status issue will take years, while a model acceptable to both sides can only be found within the European Union, Thierry de Montbrial, founder and president of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), told our reporter in Paris.

Guest: Thierry de Montbrial, Journalist: Ljubica Gojgić Source:
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  1. What about the possibility of Serbian partition? That might help...
    (EA, 21 October 2007 18:33)

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  2. well, my dear albanian friends,

    if it is like the french man says, ...then you can kiss "independence" goodbye, since if the final solution is to be found within the EU, ...then the US can only watch...

    of course, your big and colorful phantasy will find new reasons to boast around...but, in the end...you have no arguments, ...and will fail.

    just a question of time, I guess.
    (Jovan, 21 October 2007 18:47)

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  3. Jovan,
    What is wrong with you? Are you not reading news anymore? Even your president is worried about losing Kosova permanently. That is not a tragedy since it was lost since 1999. Tomorrow will be "negotiations" to specify and agree that Serbia has lost physically Kosova and other 14 interesting things. In fact the Serbian government doesn't like at all these kind of negotiations. It wants only to focus on the Status of Kosova in other word "will the Kosovar Albanians accept to be Serbian citizens anymore after the brutality exercised by the Serbian State".
    (EA, 21 October 2007 19:47)

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  4. If most of the world recognizes the independence than that means that if N.Mitrovica declares independence we can have NATO or some other country from preventing such an "illegal" (as serb commenters call it) action from taking place.
    (KS, 22 October 2007 04:26)

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  5. The frenchman unfortunately is realistic.The problem with north Kosova will remain unless US closes the border with Serbia which will not happen.But time will tell. We have survived times when Serbia was much stronger. This time they are badly weak anyway you see them.
    (Hamid Kari, 22 October 2007 11:43)

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  6. interesting...

    believing in european values and the rule of law is a reason for you to ask me what is wrong with me???

    you must be kidding!

    please, sit back and think your radical political ideology over!

    you ask me..., unbelievable.
    (Jovan, 22 October 2007 12:49)

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  7. "I see a European solution to the problem, where borders will no longer have any meaning."

    This talk is plain rubbish. Borders still have their meaning in EU. So tell me how they wouldn't in the Balkans?
    (Olli, 22 October 2007 13:04)

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  8. ... I think is useless to expect something from the albanian - serbs talks.. is gonna go nowhere.. Albanians want independence.. and Serbs not. ...what is gonna happen is Kosovo is going to be independent after december 10.. actually Kosovo made the step forward independence since Montenegro moved away from Serbia.
    (Albano, 24 October 2007 07:01)

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  9. One of the realties of dayton was that once finalized borders were agreed to, people began to exchange homes in their respective territories and a semblance of peace and normality has ensued. Unfortunately, both sides have a lot of grievances against each other real or imagined.

    My solution would be to split the province in half, with the Serbs occupying what would amount to a "horse shoe" shaped parcel of land. This is the only fair and safe way to unite a significant portion of those small Serbian settlements into a unified political entity. Any Albanians or Serbs choosing to remain in the opposite territory would be free to do so, under supervision of the international community.

    This solution would create two entities within one province, with Serbia maintaining sovereignty over the entire province. But of course that goes without saying.

    This solution will also take into consideration demographic realities where having 10 children per family will not jeopardize the delicate political relationship between the Serb and Albanian entities.

    Truly some painful concessions need to be made to ensure both the survival of a viable Serb entity with the province, and the self government of our Albanian tenants.
    (prince lazar, 30 October 2007 06:01)

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