1. Peggy

    The situation with the so-called Donetsk and Luhansk "Peoples'Republics" breaking away from Ukraine after the 2014 Maidan is not so different at all to when Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 1999.

    Just like Serbia tried to secure the breakaway region resulting in 10000 civilian losses, Ukraine tried to secure its breakaway regions, also resulting in around 14000 civilian casualties.

    Please tell me why you support Russia's intervention in the Donbas, but not the West's intervention in Kosovo? How do they differ?

    For me, whether it's Americans or Russians, it's no different. Two superpowers that bully smaller nations and want to create a world according to their vision.
    (Peter Sudyka, 8 December 2022 10:36)

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  2. When will they answer for it and by whom ?

    The world is numb and dumb.
    (Betsy Lalich, 8 December 2022 02:54)

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  3. Terrorists are not human. Absolutely agree. Who are the terrorists?
    As a Nazi supporter, maybe his side are the terrorists who killed over 14000 woman and children over eight years.
    (Peggy, 7 December 2022 22:38)

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