Russians: Serbia, thank you

Russian citizens who moved to Serbia since the beginning of the war in Ukraine founded the "Russian Democratic Society" association.

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  1. Peggy

    You have clearly never lived in a communist state before.

    Anybody in Russia sharing so-called "fake news" about the war in Ukraine (ie. anything different from the state narrative) goes to prison for 15 years. Hell, calling this war a war and not a so-called "special operation" is illegal in Russia! You can't honestly believe that intelligent people escaping a country where such idiotic authoritarian diktat can even have a place in the 21st century (well, except obviously for other commie states, like China or North Korea) are "traitors" to their country!

    And nothing wrong with avoiding the draft too. Why should an educated, young man that just wants to begin his life normally have to go and fight in a brotherly nation, to kill people that are so similar to his own, and to die on the receiving end of Ukraine artillery and drone strikes in a war that he doesn't agree to? **** that, I say! Fighting in defence of your homeland is one thing, invading someone else's is another!

    And Serbia accepting these people is not only doing the right thing, they are also doing the humane thing.
    (Peter Sudyka, 8 December 2022 10:59)

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  2. These are traitors to their homeland and should not be given any assistance.
    They can go to US where they will be heroes.
    In Serbia they are traitors.
    Russia TRIED for eight years to solve the problem by peaceful means and the answer they got was 14,000 dead civilians including women and chidlren.
    I fully support the Russian effort.
    (Peggy, 7 December 2022 22:41)

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  3. Would be good for the Serbian media to air what these Russian immigrants have to say about why they chose to flee their country, because it seems many Serbs don't question Putin's Russia at all, because Russian brothers, because the West = Satan etc.
    (Peter Sudyka, 7 December 2022 14:43)

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