Potential "NATO blitzkrieg"?

SARAJEVO -- Defense Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina, who participated in the NATO summit in Madrid, stated that some things will change with the end of the Ukrainian crisis.

Source: Radio Sarajevo
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  1. A few things are quietly accepted even by western analysts and that is that Russia will win in Ukraine and this will have a catastrophic effect on NATO. It will mean that NATO/west have thrown everything at Russia, from economic to new weaponry and nothing has worked. Once Ukraine is done, the breakup of NATO will slowly commence because if NATO cannot defeat Russia, then it’s useless.
    “NATO will take responsibility for Bosnia and Herzegovina.” No, it will not take any responsibility unless there is agreement amongst the three constituted people and no there is NOTHING in the Dayton Agreement about NATO; that’s BS. If there is no agreement an entry of any military force is illegal under International Law.
    You have to ignore Llyod Austin, I doubt if he knows the difference between his arse and his elbow. The way he reached 4 stars was by grovelling to the right people not through ability, sadly like most US high ranking military today.
    These people live in a parallel universe not on planet earth. For example, Stoltenberg announcing the 300,000 rapid reaction force. There isn’t one and there will NOT be such a force. All the individual NATO countries will do is declare existing units as “rapid reaction” without the necessary equipment and that’s it. The cost of maintain such a group is staggering. Its 24/7 365days a year. It would run into hundreds of billions of dollars. No one has that money.
    The best the Bosnians got was a free dinner.
    (sj, 4 July 2022 12:49)

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