1. Any idiot with basic English language knowledge can put up a prank of this size, you need 1-2 days for this (to collect all email addresses of schools and other institutions you want to prank) and opet 1 free email account from 100's of those awailable outside of Serbia, put all those emails into a mailing list and send a generic email text from a 100euro cheap laptop you bough from flee market or 50euros old smart phone, go to some of the public parks with free wifi and send it.. and voila, you've just pranked entire country.. ridiculous you noobs believe in all that (no I didn't forgotten the stupid video, also 1-2h of work to make it and upload it, then send YT address to several medias in Europe and in Serbia) and watch as if spreads like wild fire.. noobs still believe in that hoax, but basically anyone with common knowledge of IT and English can do this :) :)
    (Nikola, 18 May 2022 13:16)

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