1. The US of Piss and Wind has sanctioned the Russian central bank hoping to freeze Russiaís reserves of 640 billion in foreign currency. This will be followed in the next couple of weeks with attempts to attack the ruble causing it to fall in price triggering inflation in Russia and then resulting in a colour revolution there.

    Now thatís what the US of dumb dumbs think. The ruble is currency held by very few outside of Russia because its not a world currency. China will support Russia throughout this and so will India.

    I might add here that the US Federal Reserve, Wall Street banks and major EU banks were all vehemently opposed to this action, but were shunned by the Biden administration.

    The sanctions did not touch Russian exports and thatís because it would have a catastrophic affect on western economies causing a depression.

    Those that think that Russia is banned from SWIFT, no not completely as all commodities from Russia have to be paid in foreign currency. They donít tell you these things.

    Price for commodities, gas and oil will increase substantially as a result. All money going to Russia. Halfwits! Inflation is ď7.8% in the USĒ but watch it go even higher and price for fuel and food go up and up.

    Fantastic news is that this is the beginning of the end of the western financial system. This latest western action has now maxed all sanction options against Russia and there is NOTHING more they can do. All failed so far.
    (sj, 28 February 2022 11:43)

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