1. Mark my words, this is the second ouch ouch AUKUS for Australia. Novak might encourage other peoples antivax stance! Stupid legalese, Novak fights mainly for his own right to freely dispose of his own body. It is the stupidity of the government of the Aukus cangaroo country that is fueling the antivax stance not only in Aukustralia but everywhere in the world. Hey politicians, you're there becuz we voted for you to lead in a wise way and for the benefit of all, not to detain those of us who are defending the basic human right to freely dispose of one's body and soul. And yes, after taking your stupid and criminal jab, I've become an antivax too. It doesn't protect you after 4 months, you'll need a booster any 3 months, you still can get Covid and you still need to wear the f. mask. So thank you but Im done with your vaccine and your boosters. And Covid is just a flu created in a lab and you liars of doctors all know this.
    (Iskander, 16 January 2022 05:44)

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