1. Serbia is a small country that cannot afford election each few months.orbwhenever that man Verehely drops into the BG.
    As for provocation by the siptari U am sure the president can do a thing or two.
    Supply Serbs in kosovo* with amunition for a self protection.
    And tit for tat. Each time siptari remove a Serb from kosivo by way of provocation do likewise.
    Kick out Siptar out of rep Serbia. Cancel their ID card, cancel their passports.
    Serbia must act. Lately siptari were shooting at the small children, yesterday a a girl child was kidnapped by the siptar.
    It makes my blood boil.Serbua must start to do something back.
    Mr Vucic you do not get a brownie point for being in the good books. Attackers do more and worse.
    (British, 9 October 2020 15:10)

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