1. Contradicting reports firstly issued by the Mr Hoti saying he is not going to Brussels because he is not going to talk ZSO.
    Followed by Lajcak wheeling&dealing.
    But above all I think Hoti is, entire kosovo *is in deep moaning, for the "arrested", extradited to Hague court.
    ZSO must be implemented.because it was agreed, and signed.
    So 3 cheeres to ZSO.
    In the event of failure Serbs should be allowed to do DIY.
    Form, implement ZSO without any further delay. Seven years had been long time.
    This is where siptari are in the eleventh century. Very slow to conduct any business and constantly attending meetings in order to blame the Serbs. Too much living in the past.
    (British, 27 September 2020 19:27)

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