1. What about a controversial Serbian public figure who abused the dinosaurs, history and the science?

    He publicly claims, the dinosaurs became extinct only few thousand years ago.
    He publicly claims, the Universe is less, than 7000 year old.
    He publicly claims, the entire history is word-by-word as it is written in Bible.

    He demands that public schools in the U.S. and in Serbia should be under control of private organizations, closely tied with religious right.

    He has dozens of nicks on B92, coming out of darkness, verbally assaulting someone who did not even address him - and disappearing. Some nicks are of known nazis, like Aqif Blyta.
    Some nicks could be extremely, violently "pro-Serb", some just from the other side.

    The likely justification: "all this done in the name of God, so it should be OK".

    This story may sound strange, but looks like to be correct.

    But it could happen that even the Serbian public figure is just a "shield", with the Serbian public figure being carefully chosen, as it happened with Rok Camaj. I.e. Roger7 is right on.
    (Controversy on three frams, 3 June 2020 02:42)

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