1. >>>We haven’t even discussed introducing penalties for not wearing masks

    My mask is from April 17. One non-medical mask is 30 Euro in Norma, eastern Alsace.
    You know what a one-month old mask is worth? Provide free masks at every public place like supermarkets, trains, busses. Do not trust old masks. Do not penalize people, give them free masks instead.

    >>>According to her, everyone hopes that they have contracted the coronavirus and that they have immunity, but the example of Slovenia showed that only 3% of people acquired immunity.

    No one knows, how many Slovenes did. Wanna try?
    Good news for you: the virus won’t bite into your prostate gland - because you don’t have any.

    >>>The virus has been shown to be more resistant than we thought

    This is correct. My boss and myself had three months of crowned royal fun.

    >>>Kawasaki syndrome in genetically predisposed children, infections are the trigger

    Correct. Like the kid of my friends in Belarus. The parents with COVID, the kid with “chickenpox”. Which wasn’t a chickenpox.

    >>>Special procedures will be determined on election day

    We certainly want that idiot, who grabbed the pussy of Slovenija, America and Russia out of the White House. But that's due in November.

    >>>It is certain that the coronavirus will return in the fall

    No proof of any kind. And scientists are working on vaccine 7/24. No predictions, please.
    (Ataman, 22 May 2020 20:59)

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