1. With all due respect to Queen: our spirit is not any worse. Except, none of our folks is "formally" crowned.

    In some countries (list withheld) the situation is completely out of control.
    These countries imposed a "strict" quarantine. "Strict" means that everyone (except the corrupt police and private mob armies of local mafiosi) have to stay at home, not even buying food is permitted.

    But the crowds of the police and private armies armed with sticks, sabres and small firearms are allowed to roam the streets. Obviously, COVID-19 is afraid of them.

    This mob is having fun to rob, beat and rape the foreigners, among them British, too.
    The hotels throw foreigners out of hotels, over 35000 citizens of the former Soviet Union are affected. Unknown scores of Europeans and Americans, too.

    Next time pick a better destination for your remote work than this country and don't support their State-sponsored robber baron tourist industry.

    This country is one of Serbia's biggest allies and calls itself "world's biggest democracy".

    Democracy my ass.
    (Ataman, 6 April 2020 21:55)

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  2. Pointless and patronising.
    (Andy UK, 6 April 2020 12:30)

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