1. You will always be remembered as a western collaborator.
    (Smart Serb, 19 February 2020 21:06)

    Unfortunately the only two ways is to be either a smart western collaborator or a smart eastern collaborator.

    - With all respect to the infrastructure projects I still miss the word "smart".

    - The Milosh past is still upon him, that curses whatever thing he starts.
    For benefit of Serbia he should simply resign.

    - He complains that Kurti spoke very "dirty" and "rude" way to him. BTW: Kurti was tortured in jail by henchmen of Milosh.

    - Isn't Vucic an ex-henchman of Milosh?

    - Does such thing as "ex-henchman" exist? I am thinking that my "favorite" (Malyuta Skuratov) even after 500 years is still a henchman.
    (Ataman, 20 February 2020 20:33)

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  2. Notice how the ingrates criticize Vucic, the same way they did toward Milosevic, Tadic, and the others. No one is perfect, and some are less perfect than others. However, considering how our Guru sj tells it, we have nothing to worry about, since the US is much worse off. But, someone on b92 recently claimed that Serbia’s GDP is less than just one of many US companies. Which of these two “alternative facts” false. Who has been spreading fake news. It is no wonder that Serbs are usually confused.
    (Aunt Jemima, 20 February 2020 00:12)

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  3. Yes you have done some good things when it comes to the economy and infrastructure but you still wont get any sympathy from me Vucic you western puppet.
    How many deals have you done with Kosovo* that the Serb people don't know about?
    Your trying to leave a legacy before you lose next election.
    You will always be remembered as a western collaborator.
    (Smart Serb, 19 February 2020 21:06)

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  4. "They won't be able to tarnish Serbia's reputation abroad", Vucic concluded."

    I was thinking, you tarnished your own reputation by shmoozing with Orbán and he did the same with his own.

    Than, I realized my mistake: neither of you have any - so you do a great job in tandem. 🤣
    (Ataman, 19 February 2020 15:23)

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