"Serbia is allowed to choose" VIDEO

BELGRADE -- Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia, as the country which has come a long way within the EU accession negotiation process, can choose its path

Source: Tanjug
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  1. (Peggy, 7 February 2020 00:39)

    Peggy, Vucic will leave it to the people to decide and it will culminate in public pressure for the Serbian government not to proceed. If he does otherwise it will appear a small group in government made the decision for the whole country and then you will get the western paid stooges to jump on the band wagon.
    The pressure must come from the people not the other way around. It is only then that Vucic can announce a referendum not before.
    Personally, I think my great grandfather has a better chance of coming back from the dead than Serbia joining the EU.
    Brussels has already announced big cuts in the budget due to the UK leaving. Croatia is already screaming that it cant live off the new budget. There is nothing there for Serbia.
    (sj, 10 February 2020 11:00)

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  2. Land is not the problem and willing labor too.
    (Make Serbia Great, 8 February 2020 14:56)

    Sorry, have some second thought about precisely this.
    There is a horribly bad publicity precisely about the "willing labor".

    The different sorts of immigration law and all kind of European law practice is one thing.
    You can indeed find examples of top scientists and sportsmen / women who had to go through the misery of being called "migrants".

    Unfortunately there is now a large number of people in northern Vojvodina who do not want to deal with the word "labor" for the rest of their life.

    HVG is quite liberal media - but even they had a report in Vojvodina recently about that disaster.
    (Ataman, 10 February 2020 01:05)

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  3. There are a lot of abandoned homesteads where the refugees could establish themselves. Since our own people don't want to till the land, why don't we give these folks a chance?
    (Make Serbia Great, 3 February 2020 18:36)
    Maybe because they would make Serbia, Serbiastan in a few short decades. A ghetto from where they came. Proof is England, France, Germany and Italy. Anywhere they settle in large numbers. (Peggy, 6 February 2020 00:11)

    Apologies I couldn't answer earlier. Our mreža was down in a large portion of the south since early yesterday morning.

    I suggest organized settling. Land is not the problem and willing labor too. Just need capital for equipment and proper organization. There is a long history of migration, beginning with the children of Israel. Excellent precedent there!
    (Make Serbia Great, 8 February 2020 14:56)

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  4. No Peggy - Vucic is too much of a coward to ask the people in a referendum.
    (Tony (a Brit seconded to Berlin), 8 February 2020 02:43)

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  5. Nice talk but that's all.
    I would bet that if a referendum put to the people asking if they wish to join or not would not pass.
    How about Vucic does that first and see if his people want to join that morally bankrupt club before he continues?
    Would he be brave enough to put it to the people?
    (Peggy, 7 February 2020 00:39)

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