1. Yeah, Mr. O'Sleazy alias Makeaj Serbisha Greatçi alias Juzna Serbia - but how about Dapple and Rocinante? You should take proper care about these poor farm animals and not sell them for cheap... to get a crappy 1977 Yugo and drive it to Chernivci.

    And once you committed to your RosuNanny, I mean, Rocinante - take good care of her and make sure she is fed well.

    Instead, you troll on B92 day and night, Dapple and RosuNanny are hungry, the sanitary conditions on your three farms are horrible.

    And you can't even decide: are you O'Sleazy, Lenard or JS. Oh, my. It's spelled like "psychopath".
    (Ataman, 18 December 2019 14:27)

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  2. One of the more challenging aspects of living in Serbia is getting between places. You would think that you are very near another location. But, as the roads go, it takes an extremely long time to get there. Highways open up the territory to free trade and investment. This is very good news. I wish the same everywhere else in the Balkans.
    (Make Serbia Great, 18 December 2019 05:59)

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