1. "How can we pretend to have established successful regional cooperation while some of the SEECP members made all efforts in order to exclude other countries from the possibility of benefiting from regional initiatives?", Meta said in a critical tone.

    Whether they were excluding another country or an autonomous region within Serbia. The fact remains that the people in Kosova saw no benefit and "were" excluded.

    That in itself represents how a nation state like Serbia represents it's supposed people.

    Albanians are not Serbs. Pretty simple.
    (Kosova without the Albanians, 9 July 2019 17:00)

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  2. My goodness a goat herder at a conference. Meta is a buffoon. There was no great lose Kosovo not attending the meeting at Jahorina.
    Five members of that group do not recognise Kosovo and this clown thinks Kosovo should take over chairmanship of the process.
    As Dacic said the little star has not melted away LOL.
    (sj, 9 July 2019 13:17)

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