1. Depending what level you are talking, sj.
    All I care for now is the work environment.

    Americans are for sure a trouble at work - their human communication is child-like and broken.

    It can be fixed tough... with tough work.

    The other two are more-less okay, the one by far the worst is of Indian colleagues.

    The rest (American, Russians, Chinese) usually have tough time to tame and re-educate them. Most of the time with zero success.
    (Ataman, 16 May 2019 13:38)

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  2. What the dumb-arse Americans want is to improve relations with Russia then seek Russia's support to turn on China. Then when they have subdued China do the same to Russia. As if the Russians are stupid to fall for that BS from Lard Boy Pompeo. What is it with these Americans and their diet?
    (sj, 16 May 2019 12:24)

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