1. in Serbia is very impressive foreign invest in bussines

    Even in Romania we are impressed about this and have a lot of news of all factories that were opened in Serbia

    Serbia is very stable the dinar is strong our money depreciate

    The things in Serbia changed
    (adrian_bucharest, 6 March 2019 12:03)

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  2. Powerful, wealthy business people in the former Yugoslavia have no interest in spreading and sharing wealth. All they care about is protecting and accumulating more wealth. They fund corrupt politicians, local councils, police and justice officials. They pay their workers the very bare minimum. It's all about them and their interests. That's the western way of capitalist greed that's swept the former Yugoslav republics.Brotherhood, fatherland and family is a far distant relic of the past.
    (Al, 5 March 2019 00:42)

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