1. This man is a criminal. The only reason he isn't in jail is that his hired thugs murdered witnesses to his crimes. If you know anything about probabilities, what's the probability that witness 1 and witness 2 and witness 3 ..... all die mysteriously? The probability of the intersection of events is pretty low, and certainly each event is not independent of the other event. Thus, he is lucky that anyone would even want to speak to him at all. His feelings are the ones that are most likely hurt by the refusal to speak to him.
    (Raisin Scone, 20 December 2018 11:46)

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  2. Amateurs compete
    Professionals create
    You can't give what you don't have.
    (Tzevka, 19 December 2018 17:28)

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  3. >Albanian males used intimidation
    >on the Albanian women to get the
    >women to back down or behave.
    (American Eagle, 18 December 2018 17:59)

    Experienced myself few weeks ago on eBay from a seller living in a smaller Balkan country, somewhere between Montenegro, Greece and Italy.
    I was reluctant to buy his merchandise and told him, my wife would kill me - we have simply way to much of that stuff.

    He did not understand the joke, he "offered" me, that he would come over to my country and beat my wife if I want that. I am sure that it was some sort of local joke - but it is 100% inappropriate.

    >he is dealing with the EU where women
    >enjoy equal status with men.
    (American Eagle, 18 December 2018 17:59)

    Feel free to add U.S., Canada, Russia/Belarus/Ukraine to that list. Balkans need to grow up.
    (Ataman, 19 December 2018 04:41)

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  4. this is a very smart move on the side of kosovo. increase the taxes more on serbian products
    (bert, 19 December 2018 03:57)

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  5. PM Haradinaj speaks the truth .

    Serbs hate the truth because itís reality.

    Delusional Serbs hate reality therefore Ramush must be some how wrong ...

    As long as Serbs demand


    Market of 2 million

    Recognition and

    Reasonable War Crimes Restitution

    Kosova will continue with 💯 taxes ..

    Any reasonable person will educate you that
    Kosovar co-operation requires :

    Recognition of Kosova by Serbia .

    End to Serb international blockages
    Impeding global recognitions through bribery etc

    War Crimes Restitution

    Peace deal is give and take

    Serbs already took too much
    (Azir, 18 December 2018 23:18)

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  6. ... she was guilty because she allowed the process to "get derailed."

    Absolutely right.

    the document "provides that Serbia recognizes Kosovo's independence, Kosovo's sovereignty, justice for war crimes and compensation for victims of sexual violence."

    He also said Kosovo's membership in international organizations would be demanded under this document.

    "The government of Kosovo has implemented every Brussels agreement," he continued, adding, "the refusal of the Serb side has led to a loss of 12 million euros. The citizens of Kosovo are being stopped at the border daily."

    Haradinaj reiterated once again that the tax on Serbian goods will not be abolished until, as he said, "Serbia recognizes Kosovo." - That is one of his best

    Haradinaj said that she was "hurt by his truth."

    "Kosovo will no longer be at the mercy of others. Everyone will see that this tax measure will not be abolished, but will instead be consolidated and will not change until Serbia recognizes Kosovo's independence, and they need our market," Haradinaj said.

    "Mogherini has damaged the dialogue and this has caused many problems in the region," he said.
    (EA, 18 December 2018 21:43)

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  7. Haradinaj,
    your lies are easily checked.
    When it comes to Brussels's agreement he states that " "the Serb side, they were not ready to implement any kind of agreement."

    Let's see - did you not receive international telephone code per this agreement? (383)
    Did not Serbia fulfill ALL OTHER 7 points in Brussels Agreement? Yes, they did?

    Haradinaj - ""The government of Kosovo has implemented every Brussels agreement,"

    Wait! Is Association/Community of Serb majority municipalities," (known as ZSO), not part of that agreement?
    Yes , it is!
    Did you implement ANYTHING from Brussels agreement?
    No. You did not.
    Still - " "the refusal of the Serb side has led to a loss of 12 million euros. "
    Can someone explain to me, how, please?
    (Sreten, 18 December 2018 21:28)

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  8. The Albanian paper Tiger, has given in to the EU demands now normal trade from serbia and Bosnia can start again. Settlement of Kosovo will come sometimes in 2019. and finally Those poor serbians can live in peace.
    (@Blue, 18 December 2018 21:02)

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  9. I tell you, Rambo is the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. Unfortunately, he's a gift no one wanted and never asked for but is being pushed on the world by Albanians expecting to be thanked and taken seriously.

    Like a stale fruitcake wrapped in an ugly sweater that two sizes too small. With the price tag still attached and no gift receipt :)
    (LOL, 18 December 2018 19:05)

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  10. With a "prime minister" like this club-bouncer the Albanians don't need no other enemies.

    Not only are the Albanians too naive to realize that their time is running out, they even bite the hand that's feeding them.

    I bet our dear k-albanian friends here will portray this fool as a hero and strong leader-personality!

    If I was an Albanian, I would start to make precautions. Time is running.
    (Jovan, 18 December 2018 18:34)

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  11. Albanian machoism at it's finest. I saw this act daily in Kosovo. Albanian males used intimidation on the Albanian women to get the women to back down or behave. Haradinaj made a mistake, though, because he is dealing with the EU where women enjoy equal status with men. He is just digging his own grave and bringing Kosovo down with it. He needs to remember the saying, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." Serbia's relationship with the EU will grow immensely from Haradinaj's political immaturity and Kosovo will suffer. Haradinaj shouldn't expect contributions from the EU for Kosovo's economy, people, or corrupt politicians when he insults the people is asking handouts from.
    (American Eagle, 18 December 2018 17:59)

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  12. Keep shooting your mouth off Ramush....Serbs love it! We're enjoying the show.
    (njegos, 18 December 2018 17:38)

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  13. This is getting better and better every day!!
    Haradinaj, a coward gangster from the hillbilly countryside that might dangle from a pole in the Hague in the future, argues with the top diplomat of the EU?!
    I dont think even serbs at this forum understands how important and good this is for Serbia.
    Kosovo has only a very limited supporter cohort behind them and recently, this has dropped at a weekly basis.
    Serbia do not have to do anything, the K albanian leadership is doing the job. They are back 15 years now on the ladder and are falling as we speak. 👍👍👍
    (Staff, 18 December 2018 17:31)

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  14. Ramush is comical... he thinks this is the KLA pointing a gun at a civilians had and not a a real world political situation. Threatening the EU and any other of your supporters is NOT a good idea little man, not good at all.
    (Chi, 18 December 2018 17:20)

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