1. It is good to see that B92 has reported the demonstrations.

    It would be good to read more about what the protesters are saying.

    I often hear about of bits of corruption in Serbia. Jobs for family and party members, interference with police, buying off the media, etc.. I thought Vucic was going to clean up, but it seems he has the same disease as some of his worst predecessors.

    There is also a strong suspicion that he is wanting to model himself on those suffering from the ‘President for Life’ syndrome such as Putin or Nerdigan.
    (Bloke, 16 December 2018 19:51)

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  2. Divide and conquer always been the game. While we fight about bs their bank accounts swell...i for one wish you all luck killing one another. Less idiots to screw things up for the rest. Politicians are all self serving hypocrites and policians in se Europe have phds in embezzlement if you think thaci or vucic are much different go gey your head examined.
    (Non allied, 14 December 2018 15:23)

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  3. @USA Stands With Albanians

    Bro the Serbs don’t realise how incredibly patient Albanians actually are. We take our time but in the end we get what we want. Kosovo is not the end though we still have allot more land and Albanians to reintegrate in to the wider Albanian Union. Fake Macedonia next.
    (Guest, 14 December 2018 06:35)

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  4. Bye bye Vucic! Your days are numbered! The Serbian public is waking up and realizing what an ignoramus you are and completely impotent to create any meaningful and positive change. Kosova’s 100% taxes and declaration and formation of an Army is what’s opened everyone’s eyes in Serbia! They realize that fighting a lost fight is harming Serbia and its citizens.

    Next stop on the crazy train...Vucic claiming “nobody will ever beat you” lol!

    Serbia is beaten and bruised by everyone including Croatians and Albanians and Montenegrins and Europe and the USA, but Russia is abusing you too and making you slaves to them with the fake assistance they provide. It’s fun watching Serbia implode. I have news for Serbs, you were never anything serious or impressive. Albanians created a plan 100 years ago to reclaim their land called Kosova and full achieved those goals in 1999. The declaration and formation of the Army is the feather in their cap!
    (USA Stands With Albanians, 13 December 2018 18:39)

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