1. EU looks to put pressure on Serbia .

    Here are some suggestions....

    Economic Embargo

    No EU with out Kosova and Presheva Valley Recognitions....

    No Serb flights out of Belgrade .

    No Serb visitors/visas

    No EU continued talks

    War Restitutions/Reparations

    Liberate all non Serbs under Belgrade Occupation!

    (Azir, 7 November 2018 22:53)

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  2. Correction. The EP did NOT vote to stop NordStream II but 100 MEPs signed a letter to Merkel:

    Rebecca Harms MEP:
    (EU Dude, 7 November 2018 21:52)

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  3. EU is just worried that Russia makes Serbia pay the highest gas prices in Europe. That is not rite for Russia to use poor Serbia like that. Serbs just don't get it. Russia whispers sweet nothings in Serbs ears. Gives them some obsolete 1970's tanks, reconnaissance vehicles. Serbiana thinks it is love poor girl.
    (Lenard, 7 November 2018 19:02)

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  4. I wouldn't expect anything less from the morons here in Brussels who would prefer to freeze, but yet again we see that mafia like tactics are ok because they say they are.

    Poorest of all of the institutions is the European Parliament where recently 100 MEPs voted to stop NordStream II. They're not a bright bunch. Capacity of the current NordStream has been close to maximum this last year and the Commission itself expressly allowed this.

    Whereas the TAP pipeline yet again gets and roll-over exemption from its clear breech of the Third Energy Package, off-shore NordStream/II is targeted, even though the European Commission's own Legal Service who has repeatedly told the Commission that the Third Energy Package cannot apply so Brussels does not have a legal leg to stand on.
    (EU Dude, 7 November 2018 18:57)

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  5. What a joke the EU is! Serbia should get as many pipelines as possible from Russia. Look what they did to Bulgaria and the southstream.
    (MikeD, 7 November 2018 16:05)

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  6. @sj; Paradoxically, according to Serbain government, Serbia should joint the EU, but as soon as there is a slight problem, the government call for help to Russia. Besides, the question is not who produce more petrol, or who is Orthodox, but the efficacy of partners. The West is present on Serbian soil, but Russia has only nice words and smiles, which is not a real help.
    (Darmon de Riac, 7 November 2018 13:55)

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  7. You can lead a horse to water.
    (ombre, 7 November 2018 13:29)

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  8. The EU Parliamentary Committee to put pressure on Serbia LOL. With what LOL?
    I have said for a long time that these clowns from the EU parliament are a joke. Where does 60% of Europe's gas come from? Russia. Now why is Germany building a second pipeline from Russia?????? Try putting pressure on them.
    Naturally this is all coming for the US of Piss and Wind because they want to sell their gas, but here is the conundrum; its 50% more expensive than Russian gas plus the US cannot supply the quantities required.
    (sj, 7 November 2018 12:58)

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