1. Well it is nice thing to have stadium, but is not important. If it is going to be build it is gonna last forever. But we dont have players to play at such field. Who is gonna watch Serbian football?Maybe somebody wants to take a nap on stadium because is so boring. And how this news is published after awful played world cup? Maybe this post was published on purpose to make people react. It is more important and always will be health care, schools, but if are talking about sport than basketball, voleyball, waterpolo, tennis, atletic...
    (Uros, 7 July 2018 09:54)

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  2. (Mike Canada, 6 July 2018 13:37)

    I bet that does not happen in Canada.
    They do not have projects with cost overruns.

    Ups, wait, they have. 2 second internet search:

    It is very common in the Western world, even more than in the East.
    Public perception is the only difference since major media outlets in the West are not free.

    It very good to have "pure Canadian" interested in Serbian internal affairs.
    (И шта онда, 6 July 2018 17:35)

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  3. It will only cost 150 mil? I bet that doubles by the time its finished...
    (Mike Canada, 6 July 2018 13:37)

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