1. SJ,

    You have no idea as to what is happening currently in the Croatian Tourism industry.
    From reading your post it appears that you are 15 years behind as to the current situation in Croatia.
    Do some research and you will see how wrong you are.

    I regularly go to Croatia and Bosnia for work and have seen the changes over the years.

    As for Croatians leaving and going to Germany and other EU countries is not hard to figure out why. Earning 2000 per month is better then earning 800 per month.
    That is why Croatia is now forced to rIse wages and import workers from BiH and other countries such as Egypt, India and Ukraine and even some people from Serbia.. All being low wage countries where 800 is considered great.
    (Mark.W, 4 July 2018 05:58)

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  2. Czech Republic is impossible to deal with it , even the gdp they have 20000 dollars
    (adrian_bucharest_romania, 27 June 2018 12:46)

    The statistics sometimes does not reflect the reality.
    But fact is fact: Czech have tradition being diligent and industrious for for hundreds of years. And while we have tradition being lazy for hundreds of years - do not forget: being lazy sometimes is also being innovative. And being capable invent things no one else can do. Add the near endless resources and a land you can't cross within a week easily.
    (Honcho, 27 June 2018 17:04)

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  3. i mean who are most developed countries from East ? Poland ? Czech Republic ?
    (adrian_bucharest, 26 June 2018 17:14)

    I cannot determine the order. It looks for me, CZ, RU and Estonia are pretty much the best candidates, each for own reason.

    I can't be unbiased because my point of view is lopsided (IT industry). But fact is fact: IT is pretty much the best in EE, RU, CZ.

    Interestingly enough, Ukraine also has a good IT industry - but the level of corruption there shadows everyone else.

    So let's stay with Czech Republic, Estonia, Russia. The order is quite unimportant.

    If you look at the (street) prices and salaries, these three are also the top.

    On the loser side are the poor people in these three. There is enough of them and I am unsure, how they survive.
    (Honcho, 27 June 2018 16:58)

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  4. Id say the Czech and Slovak republics are the best in the east.
    (sj, 27 June 2018 10:49)

    You did not see the Russian salaries in the IT industry and the pace certain parts of the country do develop. RU is certainly more advanced and better place to be than Slovakia, more-less a tie with CZ.

    All I can say, the salary of a teacher in the village not far from Moscow is at least 3x the salary of a Hungarian teacher.

    The prices of meat are of course higher (all over former SU) than in Hungary - but other prices do offset that advantage.

    As for much-debated Dom Perrier - they are pretty much out of the reach in Moscow region (or Budapest). Tough choice, we have to survive on Chilean or Spanish booze, without Dom Perrier.
    (Honcho, 27 June 2018 16:49)

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  5. Czech Republic is impossible to deal with it , even the gdp they have 20000 dollars

    Slovenia is to small only 2 millions people is not a country

    I have to admit that Czech Republic and Slovakia are someting impossible to compare with

    I think here in Balkan we will always compare against each other Croatia , Romania , Albania ,Serbia , Bulgaria others are to strong

    Is funny how we spread hate in Balkan and we are a nobody and insignifiant for Europe
    (adrian_bucharest_romania, 27 June 2018 12:46)

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  6. (adrian_bucharest, 26 June 2018 15:31)
    From what I have seen Id say Croatia has better infrastructure than Romania, Bulgaria or Serbia. It has borrowed money and built roads, but since the GFC in 2008 many of these roads have been privatised with tolls on them. I have heard that a person living in Osijek would have to pay a significant amount of their monthly wage on tolls if they went to the coast.
    Croatian wages are not as high as they claim, and Id say they are about 350 to 400 Euros per month for the ordinary worker. The figures they post on the internet are not based on reality.
    Lets look at Slovenia. How can Slovenia have 1000 Euros per month when they have no industry and some tourism. Slovenia was developed by Austro Hungarian empire, but I dont see any refugee demanding to go to Slovenia.
    I live in Australia and I see food stuff from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia and BiH, but nothing from Slovenia or Montenegro, and like Croatia Montenegro only has tourism which lasts 3 months.
    Croatia, Slovenia and Montenegro would be dead if they did not get EU funds. Bulgaria and Romania are different, but you guys suffer from terrible corruption and that is what is holding you back.
    Id say the Czech and Slovak republics are the best in the east.
    (sj, 27 June 2018 10:49)

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  7. From what i know Slovenia is super developed + i am not intersted in Slovenia is to advanced country how 3 world Slovenia ?

    then who is 1 world from East Europe or developed ? i mean who are most developed countries from East ? Poland ? Czech Republic ?
    (adrian_bucharest, 26 June 2018 17:14)

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  8. Sj you managed to make me to search in google and Croatian language and translate and is truee what you said + i discovered that in 2014 Croatia had unemployment over 20% .

    Sj in your opinion what country is more developed Romania or Croatia ?

    A fact is that Romania don`t have even 1 highway to reach any border with any neigbour country or any complete highway North-South or West-East

    And about Croatia vs Bulgaria what do you think ? you know Bulgarians make some money from tourism at gdp
    (adrian_bucharest, 26 June 2018 15:31)

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  9. (adrian_bucharest, 26 June 2018 13:49)

    You cant eat and cloth yourself with beaches and tourism that only lasts 3 months June, July and August. The majority of hotels only open by April, but main period is June July and August then it starts to decline in September and by end of October only 5 hotels remain open on the coast until April the following year. By late November places like Dubrovnik are like ghost towns.
    There has been no outside investment in Croatia for years. It has a little industry and overall if it did not have access to EU funds it would look like a third world country. Slovenia and Montenegro are the same.
    Subsidised industry in Croatia has been closing - in 2016, 40,000 Croatians lost their jobs and in 2017 its 65,000.
    In 2017, 50,000 young Croatians left Croatia, and this figure comes from the Croatian parliament, but the opposition to the government claims it was 60,000. In total about 260,000 have left Croatia permanently in the last couple of years. There are about 10,000 Croats living and working in Ireland alone.
    Officially Croatias minimum salary is US$20,500, but it can be $100,000 when you have no jobs its still the same.
    These figures I have quoted come from Croatian parliamentary debates.
    (sj, 26 June 2018 14:34)

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  10. SJ show me a statistic that Croats leave Croatia is impossible someone to leave a paradise where you are payed as average with 850 euro per month for go in West and have hard life there and need pay there rent + in West the pay for imigrants is 1000 euro + - 200 euro .

    Sj why someone would leave the Croatian paradise ? nice beaches and salary almost 1000 euro per month

    At least in Romania till 2014 average salary was under Serbia and even in 2017 it was 500 euro so is understanding why people leave
    (adrian_bucharest, 26 June 2018 13:49)

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  11. If Croatia had 800 euro per month and Slovenia 1000 euros why is it that so many young and qualified people leave these countries? I have been to Slovenia and the people there complain that life gets harder and harder while in Croatia its population has fallen below 4 million due to migration.

    In fact in Croatia the minimum wage is about US$20,500 per year, but still its not enough to keep people there. I understand why people leave Serbia and that's due to a lack of jobs, but no one can explain why its happening in the "more richer" regions.
    (sj, 26 June 2018 11:06)

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  12. for Croats

    Croatia gdp is forecast to grow with 2% per year

    West been tough with us O.K.butthey didn`t put us away. . .

    We had put in Romania the things together where they could never destroy it, never break it. Even if we die , be a good thing.

    Maybe after 2050 it would deteriorate but it would take that long to
    (adrian_bucharest, 26 June 2018 02:55)

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  13. Dragoliub

    In 2017 Romania had salary 500 euro and 68% consumption of Eu
    In 2017 Croatia had salary 800 euro and 61% consumption of Eu
    in 2017 Slovenia and Greece had salary 1000 euro and 77% and 76% consumption of Eu

    in 2018 we already have 600 euro , is forecast at least +15% and +15 for 2019 and 2020 + pension will grow from 220 euro 2017 at 600 euro in 2020

    I think Romania can be developed over the night in the year 2020 till then is left only 1 year and half

    As is the trend the gape betwen Romania and Croatia will be more and more big as consumption and as salary and gdp Romania will recover
    (adrian_bucharest, 25 June 2018 23:44)

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  14. What do you think Adrian from Bucharest, how does this compare to Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia and Crna Gora ???
    (Dragoljub Djurkovic, 25 June 2018 17:59)

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