1. Will someone help me better understand this whole "Serb municipalities" issues?

    What is supposed to be the purpose and value of creating these "Serb Municipalities"?

    Is there anywhere in the world were something similar has been implemented, if so, where? and when?

    If both Serbia and Kosovo were to join the EU, would the "need" for these "Serb municipalities" continue to exist?

    Perhaps there is the much sought after compromise?

    Pristina agrees to implement the Serb Municipalities as per the Brussels agreement until such time as both Kosovo and Serbia have both been officially admitted to the European Union and people are able to move and live where ever they want within the EU. After both Serbia and Kosovo are admitted to the EU, the Serb Municipalities are DISSOLVED.

    I simply can not think of any country where anything similar to "Serb Municipalities" has been implemented and or it worked well.

    Perhaps, if you were able to better communicate the need and benefit of creating Serb Municipalities in Kosovo, you might receive more support for the implementation of such.

    Looking forward to hearing the responses.
    (Karl, 15 June 2018 13:11)

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    (Albanopolis, 14 June 2018 17:47)

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