Can France save Europe? Not without Germany

Macron's European vision is inspiring, but he cannot realise it without Germany. The French president is reforming his own country and wants to relaunch Europe. But where are his partners?

Timothy Garton Ash Source:
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  1. France and Germany ARE the EU.

    The rest are just hangers-on.

    In a toss up on any issue between France and Germany, Merkel is the boss.

    Good luck Macron!

    Serbia joining the EU? The German Empire created by the back-door and under a different name?
    (Bob, 8 August 2018 19:12)

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  2. Emanuel Macron and Angela Merkel are the true enemies of Europe and of the entire Western World. Somehow people like Soros and his cabal and Muslim expansionists have a sort of MIND CONTROL over the French and the Germans now! French and German governement and media re totally controlled by evil non Europeans aliens. And these evil cratures control their minds! Viva Trump! Viva Macron! Viva Brexit! Hang Angela Merkel and all traitor technocrats in Bruxels!
    (John Johnson, 26 June 2018 04:58)

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  3. French will save Europe with Germans?

    I guess, we can sleep soundly now...
    (Sreten, 19 June 2018 06:36)

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  4. Just exactly WHAT is "inspiring" (sic) about Macron's "vision" of United Europe? Is it a disgusting little neoliberal wet dream in which retirees get their retirement funds plundered by the unscrupulous state and/or the banks? Or the one in which young workers gets paid subhuman slave wages? Or the one in which a pregnant woman will enjoy all of two weeks of maternity leave and in which an employer will be able to fire anyone at will and whim? Or perhaps the joy and beauty of the Macron's vision is the forced diversity accomplished via compulsory import of 25 million uneducated and unsocialized third-world nationals who don't speak French but are very adamant that French people should convert to their religion? Perhaps the glory of Macron's vision of Europe is in nascent Europe's boundless ability to wage endless wars with the nations like Serbia, Syria and Libya? Or maybe the future Macron-Europe will earn its 15 minutes of fame by selling weapons of mass destruction to some of the worst fascists and tyrants on the planet?

    What? WHAT???
    (DEDA CVETKO, 19 June 2018 01:42)

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  5. An unfocused and confusing article and not the worth minimal effort to (re)print.
    (Amnesty Yugoslavia, 6 June 2018 08:15)

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