1. he presides over an economy is double the size of


    Indeed.He also presides over a country that has nearly 10 times higher debt/gdp ratio than those of russia.
    (andrew, 20 April 2018 17:11)

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  2. He stated yesterday he is equal to Putin lmao
    (trizo, 18 April 2018 10:40)

    Yeah, that's laughable. He presides over an economy that is almost double the size of the economy that Putin presides over, so Macron is definitively not an equal to Putin. Even people like Temer of Brazil or Moon of South Korea preside over economies that are larger than Putin's. Putin is an equal to people like Rajoy of Spain :)
    (icj1, 20 April 2018 03:15)

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  3. Macron will be voted out of office by the French long before the EU is reformed.

    Neither Macron, nor do I believe the French, will be an obstacle to Serbia's admission to the EU.

    That said, Serbia's admission to the EU, sad to say, won't be be a path without obstacles that other EU members did not have before them.
    (Karl, 19 April 2018 11:08)

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  4. Macron is getting too big for his boots. He stated yesterday he is equal to Putin lmao

    Just because of the current culture of states and politicians not adhering to international law, Macron thinks he can now do whatever he wants.

    The people are not as naive as he'd like to believe. I spend many months per year in France and it's really turning into a ghetto.

    Like the US, they're self-imploding, albeit a little slower.
    (trizo, 18 April 2018 10:40)

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  5. Reform does not have to mean ‘ever closer union’.

    .... and the first thing to reform is the agricultural policy.
    (Bob, 18 April 2018 01:39)

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  6. Macron what are you talking about ?.
    No, No Mr. Serbia will join EU in 2022.. lol
    (Darko, 18 April 2018 00:10)

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  7. Good news for Serbia. Serbia is on the move, the EU is in decline.
    (Zoran, 17 April 2018 23:51)

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  8. If war starts in Balkans all Europe will be a war zone. Let's hope this scenario will not happen.
    (BLACK EAGLE, 17 April 2018 22:30)

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  9. international monetary fund just released new data base the things are as this and again romania is underestimated as gdp grow

    2018 Albania gdp 5300 with 13200

    2023 Albania gdp 7400 with 17900

    2018 Serbia gdp 6800 with 15900

    2023 Serbia gdp 9800 with 21600

    2018 Bulgaria gdp 9200 with 23000

    2023 Bulgaria gdp 12000 with 30000

    2018 Croatia gdp 14700 with 25800

    2023 Croatia gdp 18300 with 32600

    2018 Romania gdp 12500 with 26800

    2023 Romania gdp 18500 with 35000

    (adrian_bucharest, 17 April 2018 18:07)

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  10. The EU needs only the good Serbian workers -and it has already got many of them - without the Serbian politicians.
    (Contractor, 17 April 2018 17:25)

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  11. EU is a failing project that sooner or later it will break till to non existence. All the W. Balkan countries should look for their best interests and forget some shattered EU dreams. It's time to look for new potential allies like China, Turkey or even Russia. They don't want us and we don't need them.

    SCREW EU!!!
    (BLACK EAGLE, 17 April 2018 15:44)

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  12. And of course he wants France and/or himself to lead that deepened union. The picture with the halo of stars around his head says it all. He wants a federal Europe tailored around the French model because in the end, big countries in Europe want to impose their system on the rest. The fact is that many in Europe don't want a "United States of Europe". The Dutch along with the Scandinavian countries and others are already rebelling against his ideas and then of course there are also the Visegrad countries. The former don't want deeper integration with a common budget and finance ministers that will lead to a flow of money south with them footing the bill. The latter don't want Brussels to meddle in their affairs. Macron's recent role in the bombing of Syria makes you think that he has visions of grandeur. In the meanwhile, he is very unpopular back home in France.
    But go ahead, don't give the Balkans prospects for EU accession. Russia, China, Turkey and Saudi Arabia will be thankful.
    (Joe A, 17 April 2018 15:44)

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  13. The first step to what we know today as the EU was the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community and was realised in order stop France and Germany to going to war again.
    The EU, with all it's faults, has prevented war in Europe for over half a century which this continent never before experienced for such an singly extended period.
    The Balkans, without the intervention of the EU would have not recovered from the wars of the 90's and conflicts would not have resolved so peacefully had the EU not existed.
    Macron is right, issues exist and need to be fixed but the Western Balkans should not be put on hold. In fact efforts should be made to ensure that the Balkans have a say in the matters that will affect them once they also become fully fledged members.
    (T, 17 April 2018 15:09)

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  14. I completely agree. They should get their house in order. No one wants to join a failing project on its last legs..
    (Jeff, 17 April 2018 15:05)

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