1. Letís be honest, when a U.N. or EU official makes a sudden visit to a country because of a problem, it is usually that country that needs a talking to. In this case it was Serbia that $..t the bed because little Marko decided he could sneak through the forest in order to illegally enter a foreign country, namely, The Republic of Kosova.
    (The Count of Kosova, 13 April 2018 20:04)

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  2. Serbian officials said at the time that by visiting only Belgrade and not Pristina, Mogherini showed "whom she supported" - i.e., that this was Belgrade.

    That's one theory -- a sad one nonetheless. Another theory would be that all these countries need a talking too.

    Regardless Federica doesn't wield full foreign ministry powers over the members; she can say one thing but a member can act in another way. I would encourage you pay more attention to European leaders like Merkel.

    (L*O*G*I*C, 13 April 2018 16:49)

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