1. Ataman get in touch with this guy [link] for your next vacation. He can teach you how to survive the coming Apocalypse on the Croatian/Hungarian border.
    (Lenard, 11 April 2018 09:41)

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  2. We, as the makers from: 'the Yuri Gagarin Goose Chase, 'the First Yugoslavian Cosmonaut', 'Yuri on the phone' and 'Ringo Rocket Star and his song for Yuri Gagarin', would like to suggest that we get the assignment to make the new Gagarin monument for Serbia. We make a monument that shoots to the stars.
    (Rene Nuijens, 11 April 2018 08:43)

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  3. One should be extremely careful about trolling in two countries: Germany and Hungary. Russia or U.S. is much more relaxed. Germany is the "worst".

    A Canadian guy - known for his trolling habits - went to extreme.

    He crossed on his Canadian car (custom license plate: "Sieg Heil", OK in Canada) from Denmark into Germany.

    Schengen or not, the Polizei and Zoll is always around the border, mostly having a coffee break. Except if not.

    The Canadian nazi had bad luck. His car was seized as a "tool of nazi propaganda" and auctioned off later.

    He got one year without parole for the same.

    I would support the idea if Serbia would have similar laws.

    And our Canadian-Serb "friend" who pretends to be Albanian would get an Interpol warrant for nazi propaganda on B92.

    A year in Serbian prison would make wonders for his mental condition.
    (Thinking about Germany, 11 April 2018 00:03)

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  4. Now, seriously.

    How B92 can publish an openly trolling comment which has nothing to do with Gagarin. It does not have any meaningful content either. It is written clearly with the intent to provoke.

    By the same logic - since Neil Armstrong is a celebrity in Russia - that means, Russians should settle in USA, correct?

    It should be an idiot who writes such things. Probably same person as the nick "Aqif Blyta".


    If there is no problem to post as "Aqif Blyta" - am I allowed to post as "Adolf Hitler"?

    Unfortunately(?) for that Hitler thing in some countries there is a sentence.

    In Serbia, for a post under "Aqif Blyta" there should be a sentence.

    I do not see a difference, for the original troller: you aren't merely a troll.


    (And I should not talk to a criminal, judge should)
    (Ataman, 10 April 2018 23:52)

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  5. If Albanism is so important to Albanians and they say that they are proud eagles...
    Why do I feel their tongue firmly embedded in my rear just because I have that "Alabamian" passport?

    Eagles don't lick my boots or my rear just because of the color of my passport.
    (Ataman, 10 April 2018 23:41)

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  6. If Gagarin is so important to Serbs, than we all know that Serb roots are from Russia! What a F..k are you doing in Western Balkans!?
    (the truth, 10 April 2018 20:21)

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