1. Timothy Farton Ashes-to-Ashes is a notorious globalist elitist, a perennial darling of the faux-democratic oligarch-controlled mainstream media, "rules based" (sic) New World Order and pseudo-intellectual liberal blogs in service (and servitude) of the Wall Street, monied aristocratic elites (typically, of Anglo ancestry) and/or secretive hereditary frats (ditto). This is the individual who never - ever - met a popularly and democratically elected individual or legitimately elected expression of the people's will he could not scorn, belittle, resent or mock. For Timothy Farton, the idea that the people have the right to their own choices, preferences, opinions. identities or self-determination is an anathema of the highest order, a proverbial cryptonite. Because, you know, according to Farton, people are not smart enough to self-rule. They must be subjected to, and subjugated by, those who are superior to them in mind and body: their colonial and racial masters.

    Imagine this: a solid majority of the people in one country votes for candidate X for president. Everyone agrees that X had won the election fair and square. The election commission agrees and certifies the results. International monitors clear the result of any electoral improprieties.

    And then, five minutes before the inauguration, in rides Timothy Farton, carrying a black banner with the sign that reads: "We must stop X from becoming a president".

    What kind of unfunny joke is this?
    (DEDA CVETKO, 24 April 2018 01:37)

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  2. Lots of assumptions.

    Lots of non-academic inflexible view-point here.
    (Bob, 12 April 2018 17:06)

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