"Forget 2025!"

It is necessary for both Serbia and Montenegro to speed up their reform processes. Much has to be done, but how can you push the governments of these countries when you say that the target (to join) is 2025? This was quite an unfortunate statement, which I hope will soon be forgotten - Franco Frattini

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  1. That would be a great movie title: "Forget 2025".

    Serbs and Albanians should be the movies stars
    (Sam, 16 March 2018 08:51)

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  2. His interest is not in Serbia's interest and all "advice" for Vucic should be tempered as self interest.

    As exemplified;
    "We are slowly emerging from the crisis and new markets are needed. In Italy, industrial production boomed during July and August 2017, mainly because of export demand. In order to keep that level of export, we need to find new markets. Serbia, which is vital in offering opportunities for foreign investments, is one those new markets"

    - we only want Serbia so we can dump our goods on you!!! See what has happened of Greece, Spain or Portugal while all the while German expanded economically. Italy just sees Serbia as a place to dump their goods - nothing more nothing less !
    (Principa, Gracanica, KiM Srbija, 6 March 2018 00:11)

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  3. That would be a great movie title: "Forget 2025".
    (Avni, 5 March 2018 21:41)

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