1. Greece agreed to allow (i.e. not veto) Macedonia’s member ship into the UN under the name ‘the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia’ (note the use of the word ‘the’ and the lowercase use of the word ‘former’). However, Macedonia never agreed to the use of the acronym FYROM to be used as a substitute when referring to the Republic of Macedonia (which besides being orthographically incorrect because technically the acronym would be more accurately written as tfYRoM) but just like the ‘Hellenic Republic of Greece’ is not referred to by the acronym HRoG or the 'Republic of Bulgaria' is not referred to as RoB or the Federal Republic of Germany is not referred to as 'FRoG', the use of tfYRoM (FYROM?) should never be used to describe Macedonia.
    (No Acronyms Please, 9 January 2018 00:51)

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