1. "International trains will also continue to use this station"

    Which ones?

    Polonia (Sofia - Belgrade - Warsaw)
    Pushkin? (Belgrade - Lvov - Moscow)
    Hellas? (Belgrade - Nis - Skopje - Athens)
    Akropolis? (Belgrade - Fushė Kosovė - Skopje - Athens)
    Olympic? (Belgrade - Sarajevo)

    Just to name a few.

    The reality is, not long ago Belgrade was a hub. For one reason or other, almost all international trains are gone.

    What remains has often a service I would rather use a bus.

    For instance, the Belgrade Express to Budapest. It had (a while ago) SZD sleepers to Athens and Skopje. Than Austrian sleepers. It was a rather long train.

    Today it has three completely run-down cars. You do not want to use the toilet in that train. The police will come and warn you, there are Albanian gangs in Hungary which break-in and steal the belongings of passengers. Albanian (passengers) say, these are Hungarian Roma. I do not know, luckily never had these unwanted guests.

    After a while I decided to use my own car. True, it costs more. But at least it is OK from sanitary point of view.
    (Ataman, 11 December 2017 20:34)

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